Monday, November 17, 2014


by Dr. Margaret Aranda,

Author, Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time

We are not helpless Victims roaming the earth in all different directions. We are Survivors or friends of Survivors who gather together, men and women. And we are on a Mission. Our goal? To Conquer, to achieve Victory, to be Champions and Gladiators who fight the good fight!
Until then, we will not rest. Until then, more and more will join us. Until then, Bayer(R) is boycotted, and please don't send Essure(R) coils to Third World countries when women in the USA can not even be cared for when complications occur.

                             Fights to be Won:       

ESSURE(R) FALLOPIAN TUBE COIL PETITION, ERIN BROCKOVICH: fragment, nickel and PET fibers cause allergy; get them off the market.

MORCELLATION BAN PETITION BY DRS. NOORCHASHM AND REED: spreads undiagnosed cancer, killing women; get them off the market, including the robotic.

WHO RUNS FDA MEDICAL DEVICES? Federal Code 501(k): allows both the above to reach the public without proper research protocols followed; allows company to be 'untouchable' to lawsuits from adverse events; 
this is antiquated and needs to be deleted or severely revised. FDA officials do not know how to interpret scientific data, in my opinion. And they are allowed to accept money from the manufacturers. Yes, one FDA official had to "step down" ~ he accepted more than was allowed.

Until then, we will not rest. Until then, more and more will join us. Until then, Bayer(R) is boycotted, and don't send Essure(R) coils to Third World countries when women in the USA can not even be cared for when complications occur.

How dare you prey on innocent women?
-----------------BOYCOTT BAYER--------------
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Invasion of Holiday Loneliness

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Those of us with a chronic, disabling illness go through a lot of 'ups and downs' in our life. Especially is we were formerly athletic, wore high heels, had a muscular body, or were just in good shape, things change. It is as if we live in a body that doesn't belong to us. For someone who has never been disabled, you can only imagine this; you are not "in" this Special Club. For those in the Club, you know of what I speak. I've written books, blogs, short stories, scientific Abstracts, and a myriad of types of writing, but the Holidays bring out a certain kind of sadness that I know. That we all know. So, here is my attempt at poetry in the raw, from that black pit that wants to overcome me and you with destruction, because there is no good in it. I only share it with you so that some of you can relate, knowing you are not the only one.

You are with Me During the Invasion of Holiday Loneliness

I just want this day to end.
I just want it to be behind me.
I know I have a future with God,
but this is not the time
to be reminded.

I am drowning,
but I know I can find the air.
I can see the rippling sky so high above me,
and although my warfare gear sucks me down,
I take it off and leave it behind,
so I can make it to my next breath.

My lungs want to pop,
my ears are full of pressure.
But I give one last huge, gigantic kick
and finally,
I grab on to a wall that saves me.

With one enormous, deliberate inspiration of air,
I shiver and I shake, scared.
I look around and can not distinguish people,
but I can hear the music
and all the party chatter, and in horror,

I realize that no one even missed me.

So I close my eyes and stop seeing,
and I stop listening to the music,
I feel you behind me and I turn around slowly.
And as I am taking that second breath of air, 
I look up, but you are but a blur.

In time, however, the blinks of my eyes erase the blur of you,
transforming you into who you truly are,
Dear Lord, and I thank you for not leaving us,
for not forsaking me,
even to the end of time.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to go to School

by Margaret Aranda

Fall 2014 brings us to the bitterness of the morning, taking our stashed coats out of hiding, and looking for those versatile scarves to wear to the job or to school. Well.....Little Missy Two-Shoes is no different than any other child. She was settled in just fine with her toy box and two handfuls of her favorite toys, thank you very much!

Huh? Whaaa...? Rumbling, tossling this way and that...changing her clothes, eating early breakfast. It was a horrible morning. Then the cat climbed a tree and the dog ran away, and Little Missy Two-Shoes was left to eat her breakfast all by herself. Mommy was getting ready to go, too. Wah. She didn't like all this commotion. Somehow, it made her sad. She was going to "school."

But Mommy stopped and sat down with her for a while, explaining that the teacher was like a 'second Mommy' who would teach her things and make her smarter. Reluctantly, Missy went along with it. But only because she didn't want to displease her Mommy. 

     Illustration 1. 
Cover of book, 
Little Missy Two-Shoes
(Series, Book #2)
         by Dr. Margaret Aranda and Marguerite Ferrante. 
      Laugh and squeal the day away as Little Missy copes with
her first day of PreSchool! 

So that's how we have the makings of Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to go to School (See Illustration 1). Thank you, Nancy Miller, for selecting this book as Nancy Mills' Top 12 Book Pick List for  2014 Fall Large print and large characters, the day works out just fine as the cat comes off the tree and the dog gets back in the house. 

Now, Little Missy Two-Shoes can have a new day with new friends and the smell of crayons in a classroom! So she learns to actually like to go to school! With Mommy's effort and affection, she allows Missy to understand the world around her on her own, just the way she likes it!


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You Live to Be and to Do

by Dr Margaret Aranda

"You live to be and to do
You do not live to watch and do nothing."
    ~~~ Rev. Margaret Aranda, M.D., Ph.D.

Day #2 Ban on Bayer:    Sign Four Petitions
(and Get 2 Friends, too)

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Thank you for making this world a better place!

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