Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Posting a Request to You

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Fondest Hellos, My Caring Friends:

Would you like to participate in a Note of Testimony for my newest book, No More Tears - Stepping from the Edge? If so, my Agent needs only 2-3 sentences on how I have advocated or helped you or your cause (have you signed the Invisible Illness Petition​ yet?). For example, one person posted that she put me in her Group as a Patient Advocate...the "why" is yours to write! Per above, I will "own" your statement, so no one can use it to sell anything, etc. I thank you very kindly in advance and ask you to submit ASAP to:


Your Testimony can be used in the book, website, blog, note of References, supplement to my Curriculum Vitae, and/or any other commercial or professional use by me. 

I most humbly thank you in advance, and also let you know that I don't have to see it. You can email it straight to Dr. Gene Richardson. God bless all the work of your hands, and thank you.

Dr. Margaret Aranda 

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