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Seeking Short Letters of Personal Testimony

Please show me Your Thanksgiving

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

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On November 3, 2015, the FBI and I requested them on my blog, emails from  online  Hasta that I have helped. This would span the last 9 1/2 years. I gave the above "rider," explaining that I would own the rights of what the patient writes, because I plan to use thes to thes of testimonies in one of various forms: book testimonies, blog posts, etc. You know how I am. Always seeking to move FORWARD. To be a patient advocate. To the increased awareness. To give a Voice to those who can not be Heard.

Case in point? My Petition to the American Medical Association and several governing and licensing Boards to have medical students and doctors get extra training in Invisible illnessesInvisible illnesses: Increased Education for Doctors to get a Diagnosis  (which you and your parents / spouse / children should sign and comment on, if applicable). 

WE MADE IT TO 1,500 signatures on my Petition! HAT'S OFF TO YOU! Only 970 signatures needed to make it to 2,500! WE ARE moment ARMY!

Image. Dr. Margaret Aranda. This photo was taken "while I could stand up!"

To date, only a few people have sent in letters or notes for me. This is to request that they be turned in  by December 15, 2015 . Have I helped you? Can you return the favor to me now? Now the tables are turned, and it is I who needs you ;-). I need Personal testimonies of how I have helped you, Encouraged you, motivated you, inspired you, served as a role model for you, or helped you to have hope and faith in God or in yourself to push on and keep on pushing on! I've done my best, ten sick days or ten "is sick" days, and YOU have been my goal, my outlet, my reason for living. Certainly it is that by now, you know this! So Please, send 3-5 sentences, paragraph 1 or by email to:

Dr. Gene Richey at email: 


I will occasionally post, with the sender's permission and / or anonymity, samples to assist and inspire you. Thank you for your kindness, which is just a special bonus of being able to serve you. Whether or not you write on my behalf, nothing will change between us. I'll still be the same "me." 

SAMPLE PATIENT TESTIMONY: " Dr. Aranda has impacted my life by helping me to learn how to better cope with my illness / disease and with the trials in my life in several ways. First, all writings, including all books," No More Tears : Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery "and" Stepping from the Edge ", as well as a number of each block Articles, have helped me to better cope with my disease as I have learned about her and what she has gone through, as she has persevered through each recovery from the car accident and the injuries she has sustained and from how others treated each. Second, she is a great role model as she has learned how to rely on God, has persevered through many Difficulties, and has not let anything nor anyone stop here. Third, she inspires me and encourages me to persevere one day at a time in life's trials by her life, by her counsel, and by each character as she has shared part of every life and what she has been through with me. I have learned a lot about perseverance through any Corresponding with her and helping with activities and projects. " ~ Patient X

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Dr. Aranda's Short Stories

Age 31:  The Color Blue

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