Saturday, February 13, 2016

Selim Yeniçeri makes me Think of Motherless Children

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Well, I looked around several websites and got stuck at Selim Yeniceri's. I couldn't help but be attracted to an image of a woman holding her practically-naked baby in her arms, kissing him or her with the liveliest of kisses! As the photographer caught the moment, one had to simply look. And marvel. (P.S. And I was right! This stellar article made it to Page 1 of Art & Entertainment in the Japanese magazine, "pc" just today, February 13, 2016! See that here, in English!)

Is the Mother:Child bond of today diminishing in America? Do the fathers with the large incomes "use" the child as a pawn against the mother, simply to inflict hatred and spite so she suffers for divorcing him? Could there be many, many cases of judicial corruption, starting with the Paralegals and the attorneys, then rising to meet the occasion of the hired private Judges for mediation? Or is this solely reserved for Private Judge mediators of custody, who run amuck on their own, raking in the bucks and not even reading the stack of papers for the case before their arrival? 

Did the Judge actually forget that mother and children had no Alimony or child support for years? And finally, they had to garnish his paychecks for Support? Did the Judge really think that the house had to go up for "forced sale" when it was in the green when the mother filed for divorce? And oh, wow, did the Forensic Accountant really forget to notice that he was depositing earnings into his private account, and not into his business account? How truly evil, immoral, and how much malice with forethought that one took!

And no one cares if he tells the children that the mom actually "isn't" "the Mom" anymore?  So the children go to private counseling and the monstrosity of the bill is "split" between the parents, when the father is the one that is causing and actively inflicting the damage? So the Mothers Without Children (and Robin Karr did write a book, and does have a campaign in this effort) are left a-l-o-n-e ? Without their children? The poor child has to go through the divorce, too? This is the price that the devilish, narcissistic fathers make their wives go through when she files for divorce. It is a "punishment," for "No one would want to divorce me, because I make too much money." Well, then if your wife actually did divorce you then, doesn't that tell you that she didn't marry you for your money?  And how strong does a woman have to be to leave all of that behind? There must be something really wrong. 

Alas, she gets on her knees and prays and fasts, and fasts and prays for the children, who must be supernaturally protected. This lady, this aboriginal, African lady and baby, have everything that they need. They have mother:child bond. They have love and physical affection. 

When was the last time that the mother touched or kissed the children that were stripped from her loving hands? It's been too long. She cannot remember. Or perhaps it is the brain injury from the car accident that makes her not remember. Or maybe God just blesses her by taking those loving memories away. Whatever it is now, it is torture. The husband has 'won' at what he and his slimy attorney set out to do: alienate the mother from the children, keep her practically destitute on a pittance of Support, ripped off oh, somewhere around a million dollars from their joint business, and seemingly kept the loans that she supposedly "took out" from the business while she was hospitalized with a brain injury. All in one full sweep. 

But she keeps her eyes on Jesus. She speaks in tongues. She tries to win people to Christ. There is love in every touch, in every word, and she knows no anger any more, for it has been taken away from her. She lives in a supernatural world of forgiveness, pies in the skies, cotton candy clouds, and if she cries, she is alone and no one knows. She waits until it is the middle of the night, all is quiet and the darkness has rolled in to settle in to the wee hours of the morning. And she sheds one tear that goes down her nose. She blinks. Then she crawls into the fetal position, remembers her babies, and cries down to the bottomless pit of her stomach, near the uterus where she once carried her children. 

And she prays. She waits for the Judgement Seat of Christ. And she forgives, because that is what He said to do. And more than that, she prays for this vulture of a man. She prays for him to show love. Because without love, the hate will always win, the hate will always continue, and the hatred will rust into bitterness and rage. And that is not who she ever was, nor is is some one who she will ever be. Amen.


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