Friday, June 10, 2016

Coming Soon: Dr. Aranda's Course ~ "Getting Closer to Understanding God during Hard TImes"

by Dr.  Margaret Aranda

I have my own little secrets that I use 
every day  to keep myself persevering.  In Stepping from the Edge, there are 10 Lessons and 10 Workbook assignments to do after each Chapter.  

Image One. Picture from the Movie,  Australia I received inspiration for  Stepping from the Edge  from one particular scene in this movie,  Australia  with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. 

... Watch Australia  first, and then ...
read Stepping from the Edge Workbook . ..    
T hat's your first assignment. 
T hen, you will be inspired to persevere, and to conquer !!   

(Try to guess which movie scene inspired me to write the book.)

So many times, I opened my eyes to another morning, and thanked God for the day. I could not walk. I could not talk. I felt like a "blob" of human tissue, sewn together at the seams. I was standing on the edge of life, and I was imbalanced, Stepping from the Edge, so I would not fall. I was a broken doll. a broken Barbie Doll (R). But I was Determined to LIVE. I did not want to die. I had a daughter and a son to care for, and nothing in the world was more important to me. Nothing. 

So I let my eyes wander as my body did not do what I wanted it to do. And I wrote this book, Stepping from the Edge, as a workbook Fill-in-the-Blanks for you, as an individual. 

You know your childhood, you know your hardships, and you are still here to tell the tale. Do you look at yourself now, and do you LIKE yourself? Is your heart still soft and innocent, softened and compassionate towards others?  

Or do you just toss people on acid? 
Do you tell yourself, "I had my own problems. 
I dealt with them. "  
Or ...
Do you actually SAY that to people? 

Is your heart so hardened that you can not see anyone but yourself? 
Does everything have to be about YOU? 
Can you hear another's problems?
 ... And HELP them by DOING something OTHER than saying, "Praying?"

Photo 1. Book # 2, Stepping from the Edge.    ... This is the sequel to No More Tears: Physician Turned Inspires Patient Recovery.  It does not just happen in movies like Australia .  Things work out, and you learn from What happens in real life, too. God moves mountains and airplanes, too.

Going through a struggle in your life?  
It is a struggle every day?  
Do you live with someone who has a chronic illness,
 or has been through a devastating time?  
In Stepping from the Edge , I take you through the Thousands who have asked me that question of survival: 

"How do you do it?"

I share some very personal stories, from being a runaway at 16 years old, being a battered wife, being an abandoned wife in my first month of medical school, and being a single parent with no child support or alimony through medical school, internship, residency, or fellowship. 

Hey, most of you can tell me your stories.  
I'll come back at you every time 
with a "harder" hardship than yours.

Do you smile?
Are you Positive?
Listen to my story here. For starters.  

Dr Margaret Aranda is the Guest being Interviewed for every Positive attitude.

It's not a competition. It's SURVIVAL. 
SURVIVAL with a Clean Soul.



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