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#WHATISTHEPOSITIVE - The Birth of a Smiling Warrior after Tragedy - PART I

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Dr Margaret Aranda is "known" for "always smiling." How can that be so, after all the sufferings and tragedies in every fiber within each style being? Where does she 'pull out' the Positive?

Image 1 Dr. Aranda's Smile.  What trials has to give this warrior for your inspiration? 
Let's look at each memoir:

  • Age 12 First job:  Picking garlic with migrant farm worker 's in Gilroy, CA; 
    • hot sun, "Lean on Me" by Bill Wuthers ... still stuck in each memory to this day;
    • still the inspiration of this warrior Gains, to help others in distress.

  • Age 13, 'Mother' to 6 siblings : Making sandwiches 35 / weekend for school lunches; 
    • the unknown warrior with the 'conquered' making French Toast, pancakes & amp; bacon for breakfast, creme puffs on weekends, and 
    • It made her first Thanksgiving dinner for all ~ quite the self-inspiring memory;
    • she still smiles at this one.

  • Age 14, Running Away :   Sleeping in the cold bushes every weekend;
    • memories of the LAPD driving by with them hug Search Light; 
    • drinking beer in the park with friends, all "under-age;"
    • shoplifting,  but not charged ~ seemingly headed to be a Juvenile Deliquent;
    • All Things NOT looking some inspiring or positive, for certain.

  • Age 15, No more Running Away:   Best friend fatally shot in the head and left in a ditch;
    • a never-to-be-forgotten memory, burning an impression on her psyche;
    • confusion, re-assessment, each owner stopped dead in tracks, the warrior-to-be is style.

  • Age 16, Left Home:   Testing out of high school;
    • everlasting memory: each School Counselor said she would FAIL the Exam; 
    • (Now, that was NOT POSITIVE, was it?) NOT the kind of "POSITIVE" that she ever wanted to be for anyone else, ever. 
    • the warrior Gains determination and positive inspiration from defeating the odds.

  • Age 18, Got Married:  Concluding 7yrs later that she was more in love with the 'idea' of being married, and less in love with the idea of being a battered wife
    • Calif. Cosmetology License:  Working as Cosmetologist in Encino Hair Salon;
    • Calif. Real Estate License:  Working as a Real Estate Agent  in Northridge, CA;

  • Age 19  Birth of Son:   Best thing ever. 
    • bursting, exploding rush of love, sentiment, warrior-hood, "Mama Bear" attitude.

  • Age 20,  Had a  miscarriage :   Worst thing ever. Bad, bad memory. Horrible. 
    • the warrior with the first trembled and cried;
    • than that, the warrior with the sacks that to rumble. 

... The warrior memoirs are now too big for more. But ...

.................. Does she still smile? Check this out and see what you think

Video 1 #WHATISTHEPOSITIV Guest Interview: Dr. Margaret Aranda at the 8 minute mark.   Very difficult memoirs, warrior style, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and all. 
But she hides it and later recounts the memories on her own. 
You decide if a positive attitude makes a difference ;-) and offers inspiration. 

Stay tuned for more upbeat, overcoming, FIGHTING, WARRIOR Attitude! 
Next: #WHATISTHEPOSITIV - The Battle Continues - PART II 

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