Thursday, July 14, 2016

For the Suffering: Speak Words of Praise

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Video 1. Praise You in this Storm. It is backwards. It is. But when you are in a Storm, a Trial, a Tribulation, and your world is falling down around you, PRAISE THE LORD!

God created the earth and all that is within it, in His timetable of seven days. How did He do this? He did this by....His Words.

Drill this in. Words have Power.
~ Words Create.
~ Words destroy.
~ Words tell the mind what to think.
~ Words may not be as strong a sticks and stones, but they WILL break your bones.

So in your tears, lift up your hands. Praise the God who made you, and He will do His Works.
Let go, and Let God.

For just as Peter walked on the stormy, raging waters in the wind and thunder with Jesus Christ, so can we. And equally so, just as Peter looked at the storm and TOOK HIS EYES OFF OF JESUS, we too shall sink if we do that as well.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.
Everything else? It's just a distraction.
I'll bet the evil one is doing this to you, because you are a threat to him.
So HAIL King Jesus! Spite the devil in his face!
And let God's miracle open up to you today or tomorrow, for it is just on the cusp.

Show God your faith, and He will be more faithful than any Father on earth is to his own child.

***beBee / 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What if God Wrote You a Letter?

by Dr Margaret Aranda

He already has. Click on the video, and see all that He Has Written for You:

Video 1. God' Love Letter to You.   Just be still. Listen.


Have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life?
Have you gone 'full force' for God, like you do for other things? ....Like your children, your loved ones, your hobbies, clothes, jewelry, business, collaborations, marketing skills, or financial planning?

How about investing in your eternity?
For we are not mortal. 
We are immortal.

When we die, that is not the end. 
"To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."

I've been to the doorway to heaven.
I stood at the bottom of the steps.
Hovering below me were all the stars, and to my right...was planet earth.

I've told my story over and over again, this Near-Death Experience (NDE).

You can read that and the next 4 years here: 
No More Tears: A Physician-Turned-Patient Inspires Recovery.

~~~~ Go in Peace to Love and Serve one Another, as Christ has washed Your Feet. ~~~~

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