Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Generstone Photography Steals Photos by Dr Margaret Aranda

 / by Dr Margaret Aranda /

 I have discovered that a company, Generstone Photography, has pirated my downloaded and pinned photographs, and is marketing them on Pinterest as being their own.

What do we do?

We give them notice to cease and desist. We let you all know. We change the Pins.
Are we going to sue them?

Image 1. "Generstone Photography" Stolen Pinterest Image. 
These are Property of Aranda MD Enterprises. You can see that I saved it 3 years ago. I just noticed it recently and have been thinking about "what to do."

At Aranda MD Enterprises and at MAF Photography, we are distinguished by distinguishing poetry assigned to a photo. In art and poetry, usually the artist sketches or paints a work After the Poem. Not with us. We take great pride in writing original Poetry to coincide with the essence of the image.

~"We are unique and distinguished. Because you are."

The Essence of this Photo is:

"Crinkled Pink"

Note the fine distinction
Petals wrapped non-fiction 
Edges silky fine wrinkles 
studded by infinite circles
Therefore, the image says, "Crinkled Pink."

Original Photo/Photograph Combo
~by Dr Margaret Aranda

Anyone can take a photo. Lots of people can write Poems. Even fewer still can sketch an artist's work to match this distinguished Trio. At MAF Photography, we create our own imaginations to match the sentiment that you feel. 
~"So don't fight it. Succumb to the bliss."

Sketch Being Made Now:
Sketched Image by Doctor, Patient Advocate,
Author, Poet and Artist
Dr Margaret Aranda

There are over 40 images in this collection, and I will be posting each one here to claim them and serve as legal notice that they belong to me. 

I think this is an effective, proactive, mature and professional way to behave. 

What do you think?


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Thursday, July 14, 2016

For the Suffering: Speak Words of Praise

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Video 1. Praise You in this Storm. It is backwards. It is. But when you are in a Storm, a Trial, a Tribulation, and your world is falling down around you, PRAISE THE LORD!

God created the earth and all that is within it, in His timetable of seven days. How did He do this? He did this by....His Words.

Drill this in. Words have Power.
~ Words Create.
~ Words destroy.
~ Words tell the mind what to think.
~ Words may not be as strong a sticks and stones, but they WILL break your bones.

So in your tears, lift up your hands. Praise the God who made you, and He will do His Works.
Let go, and Let God.

For just as Peter walked on the stormy, raging waters in the wind and thunder with Jesus Christ, so can we. And equally so, just as Peter looked at the storm and TOOK HIS EYES OFF OF JESUS, we too shall sink if we do that as well.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.
Everything else? It's just a distraction.
I'll bet the evil one is doing this to you, because you are a threat to him.
So HAIL King Jesus! Spite the devil in his face!
And let God's miracle open up to you today or tomorrow, for it is just on the cusp.

Show God your faith, and He will be more faithful than any Father on earth is to his own child.

***beBee / 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What if God Wrote You a Letter?

by Dr Margaret Aranda

He already has. Click on the video, and see all that He Has Written for You:

Video 1. God' Love Letter to You.   Just be still. Listen.


Have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life?
Have you gone 'full force' for God, like you do for other things? ....Like your children, your loved ones, your hobbies, clothes, jewelry, business, collaborations, marketing skills, or financial planning?

How about investing in your eternity?
For we are not mortal. 
We are immortal.

When we die, that is not the end. 
"To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."

I've been to the doorway to heaven.
I stood at the bottom of the steps.
Hovering below me were all the stars, and to my right...was planet earth.

I've told my story over and over again, this Near-Death Experience (NDE).

You can read that and the next 4 years here: 
No More Tears: A Physician-Turned-Patient Inspires Recovery.

~~~~ Go in Peace to Love and Serve one Another, as Christ has washed Your Feet. ~~~~

Thursday, June 30, 2016

For Mental Health: Healing by Christ & Song

by Dr Margaret Aranda

June marks the end of Mental Health Month in the USA. We have shared many Pins, blogs, Tweets, and supportive prayers for many during this time.

* The bombing of Istanbul International Airport has devastated many, wreaking havoc on mental health and PTSD.

* People that you know have died, or been stricken with an illness that seems to have no hope left for a long, enjoyable life. Your heart hurts.

* You wish you could go back and make things different. You need to know that God was there as you were formed in your mother's womb. You were never, and you have never been alone.

* This song is for you.

* Listen in silence.

* Walk upon the waters.

Video. Oceans where my Feet Fail. If Jesus can walk on the waters, and He is holding His hand out to you in your storms and lightening and thunder.....then take His hand. Trust Him. You shall walk upon the waters too, wherever He shall lead you.

Christ is your Savior.



Monday, June 27, 2016

Eye-Witnesses: What did They Say about The Face of JESUS CHRIST?

by Dr Margaret Aranda

What did Jesus really look like? Dark brown hair? Beard?

What about His eyes?

Were His eyes similar to those of a newborn baby, filled with pure and undefiled Love?

Video. The True Faces of Jesus. Many thanks to YouTube Suscriber MLordandGod.
This Historical accounting is as beautiful as it is timeless.

As I watched this accounting, it amazed me to think of the people that actually did meet Christ in person. This video exudes the Eye-Witness statements of people of Jesus' day who actually did meet him in person.

More than that alone, can we all strive to be like Jesus?
Do people see "love" radiation from your eyes?
Do you have a "presence," and "aura" of love and gentle-kindness plain to see?

Each one of us is left to look at what was said of the man, the man in front of them!
And see how much more you can truly be!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

To Honor: PTSD in Veterans and First Responders

by Dr Margaret Aranda

War Troopers were once considered "chickens" when they looked as if they were shirking from assignments. Much like the black sheep in a family, it is not hard to imagine how they were ostracized as "the weakest link in the chain" in mortal combat.

These emotionally-disturbed warriors became sufferers of the "Friendly Fire" of emotional proportions in that they may not have lost their lives, but they did lose the lives that they once had. And they lost them forever.

No one knew that the scenes of battle had scarred their brains, their emotions, rendering them paralyzed from bodily and emotional shock. But today, we know that this syndrome is multidimensional, called Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

In combat on the front lines, I propose a closer look at a scenario with two different and unique "Impending Veteran PTSDs." Look at the first image below, and evaluate the situation as best as you can, before reading the caption under the image. What do you think is going on here?

Image 1. Two Possible "Impending Veteran PTSD" Patients.  This is imperative for family and friends to understand, so SHARE and spread it wide. See the raw emotions. Hear the bombs, the screams, and see the blood and body parts fly. They aren't just body parts. Those were their buddies that they loved and lost.

Don't think that your life is seriously all that bad if you get this far to read this post, okay? Traumatized people are warriors who fight to live every day, and millions have "Invisible Disabilities" that stay with them day and night. Just be aware of this for starters and put yourself out of your insignificant complaints that are minuscule, in comparison. Image Courtesy of the Christian Youth Musicians' YouTube video, "NF" . Note: For those with warfare PTSD, the video will provoke your PTSD again. Some Veterans cannot and should not watch the video. Others will find great comfort in knowing that they aren't the only ones that know how they feel. Caregivers and significant others may glean an epiphany of understanding that makes them understand and have compassion.

Image Assessment: It is plain to see that the soldier with the helmet wants to go run to our right, perhaps to help another soldier. Equally easy to see is the soldier on the left, who is pulling him back, preventing him from running into a hopeless situation. To me, it's like a scenario that firemen regularly see in front of a burning house.
 ~  ~  ~
Transpose it to the World: People in despair, some who literally want to run inside their burning building, have others that are holding them back, screaming some 'sense' into them, as if anything makes sense.
 ~  ~  ~
There are two "Impending PTSD's:" (1) the Primary 'Patient' and (2) the First Responder. The 'Primary Patient' is in severe distress; the First Responder is pulling the Primary Patient back. Who suffers the most? Do they suffer equally? Are their responses to stress the same, or are there too many variables to differentiate?

How deep can these feelings of desperation be put into words? How does the world stop turning?

The "Primary Patient:" The body's 'Flight or Fight' reflex for survival has him wanting to "Fight." His adrenal glands are secreting adrenaline, or epinephrine into his blood stream. He wants to run. Every muscle and every bone in his body wants to move forward, and he does not care if that means that he will die, too. He wants to die trying to save his fellow warrior. He is noble, caring, loving, honorable, and so much more. This instant of time is forever etched in his brain. It is a MAXED OUT, intensely vivid high state of instinctual survival. The stress response is normal for survival.

The "First Responder:" Similarly to firemen, paramedics, Emergency Room (ER) doctors, ER nurses, and military Meddacs, there is no time to think of anything but 'saving' the Primary Patient. Charged with the professional Duty of saving the "Primary Patient," the "First Responder" puts aside her own emotions and visions of the scene, and is the logical, pragmatic operative who 'saves' the Primary Patient. Inside, the First Responder can be literally sickened inside, holding back her own gut-wrenching vomit longing to be expelled. But she can not, and she does not show it. She may actually even "gag." She "gets over it," and then continues with her Duty as if nothing happened inside her.

Now, look at the this image, taken just seconds later. Think about the two soldiers again, before reading the caption below. What is your assessment of the "Impending PTSD?"

Image 2. Realization of Defeat. After some time, the warrior is swayed by the First Responder. The "Primary Patient" listens to the external pleading, the screaming familiar voice that allows him, no, makes him hold himself back. In defeat to the loss of rescuing his comrade, he passionately cries without considering what anyone else thinks of him.

With PTSD, perhaps the warrior never stops crying and can hope that with proper treatment, he will be able to live a 'normal' life again. He may always have "triggers" like the smell of blood, or the sound of fireworks, that "set off" the PTSD, putting him back into Image 1. But he is changed forever. He can, and he must go on to live his life the way that his comrade would have wanted him to....perhaps to settle down, get married, and have children of his own that join the military. Just like his father did, and his father's father.

Image Assessment: Warrior #1 submits to defeat, as First Responder #2 realizes that he has succeeded in swaying Warrior #1's actions. Warrior #2 has probably saved the life of Warrior #1. 
Transpose it to the World: Firefighters, paramedics, Meddacs, ER doctors & nurses can suffer from the trauma of seeing others in extreme situations where difficult life-and-death choices had to be made. There may not be a "winning" Duty. There may be no sense of accomplishment on the one hand: although he saved the life of Warrior #1 today, it is the 100th time that he has done this.  

The "Primary Patient:" After the Fight or Flight reflex subsides, and the adrenaline stops flowing, Warrior #1 will BOTTOM OUT. There, in an instant of time, is no more cause to 'survive.' He has given in, saved his own life, and like Star Trek's Spock, it is the only logical thing to do. But he still has the scenes, the sounds, the echoes of his Buddy's memory, laughter, farts, and hangovers to hold on to. Someday, he will reach his own equilibrium, and there are many phase to go through: The Stages of Grief, and more. There are things that can help with the trauma. God heals. Time heals. Prayer heals, as does the family, friends, and even the dog. If everything seems to fail, there is always hope that a new/different approach will arise. Together with Lenkey Harrison and others, we're bringing you closer to equilibrium.

The "First Responder:" Undergoes PTSD as well, which is why firemen, ER doctors, and Trauma Surgeons get 'burnout' and problems with alcohol, family relationships, or other negative areas. Retired fireman Lenkey Harrison has a novel method of self-help tools to gather internal resources, de-stress, and heal PTSD without specifically focusing on it and drilling the stress back into the body and mind. The method is described here, at "Raise Your Resilience."

So, let us open a new door to talk about PTSD in both patients with trauma, and in the First Responders. Because "It's About Time."