Friday, February 17, 2017

Guzelim (My Beautiful) by Selim Yeniceri

I found another music video by Selim Yeniceri.
Passionate. Riveting.


...and a new book, DREAM TIGER!

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Krallarin Yolu (Road of The Kings) by Selim Yeniceri

Once again I am amazed this song came out 20 years ago!
This would have been a huge hit in L.A. or virtually anywhere in the USA...
Art by Selim Yeniceri included here, too!

OMGosh we have these Selim Yeniceri songs now:

...and a new book, DREAM TIGER!

And I keep asking, "What's Next?"
Production is at an all-time high!

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"Truth Hidden in The Stars" by @SelimYeniceri #NewMusic #music #life

Selim Yeniceri does it again!
New Music Friday right as the carriage is about to turn in to a pumpkin!

With the previous post, he brought us "Hammer (Takes a Goblet)" with a stunning array of musical intruments and Turkish flora that spawned the dawn of a new age in instrumental music video. Real life. 
I don't even know where to start talking about the real life episodes buried within this song.
Too many people I know can relate to this, and I'm sure it will be very therapeutic.

And I know Selim Yeniceri's new book, Dream Tiger, is COMING SOON!

...and there's the FREE MP3 - "I Am The Storm!"

With Selim Yeniceri, there's always something more!

Take a breath and absorb!

...and a new book, DREAM TIGER!

...and don't forget to pick out your FREE MP3 on "I am the Storm!" single by Selim Yeniceri

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hammer (Shapes The Goblet) by @SelimYeniceri #NewMusic #music #life

Selim Yeniceri's new music is amazing and captivating - you'll see!

Refreshing, original, and on a different scale than with his other pieces, Selim Yeniceri sets himself apart as a detailed artist weaving native Turkish instruments, costume, flora, and photography into the tune as it drifts amongst it all! So reviving!

I highly recommend this to my friends with chronic illnesses, invisible disabilities and chronic pain or the chronic life. And certainly all The Rebel Patients will love this enticement with nature, too.

I'll go get more information on this. There's bound to be more than just this piece...
Stay tuned!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Of course, there is much more and it's "New Music Friday"
so hold on to this ride together as we see a new rock star budding!

Take a listen and be refreshed!

...and a new book, DREAM TIGER!

...and don't forget to pick out your FREE MP3 on "I am the Storm!" single by Selim Yeniceri

Friday, February 10, 2017

"I Am The Storm!" by @SelimYeniceri FREE MP3 #NewMusic #music #life

You know I'm big on Perseverance! I know it's not always easy!

Debut this Friday for #NewMusicFriday by #SelimYeniceri! 

"I Am The Storm" - Original Music

Will Keep you Motivated to stay on target and persevere despite life's obstacles!
FREE MP3 Great for Workouts!

~  ~  ~

Monday, February 6, 2017

"I Am The Storm!" by Selim Yeniceri FREE MP3 - Full Song!

So Excited that this is given for FREE - as it is great patient empowerment for #TheRebelPatient!

Remember to hand on to your dreams 
keep going on and on!

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Friday, February 3, 2017

FREE MP3 "I Am The Storm" Later today from Selim Yeniceri

It's true! He is bringing this to you FREE because of his dream.

Let's say, "Happy Birthday" to Selim Yeniceri

Wanting to be a musician is a life-long dream - and holding on to that dream well, it just wasn't what like it seemed. Such is life, right?

Do you hold on to your dreams? You should!

Selim is linking up your FREE MP3 as we speak.
He is so busy that he'll never see this post, betcha. So let's surprise him, right? You can imagine how joyful yet stressful this day is for him.

His birthday is coming up soon and like a lot of us, he can't remember a really good one, not for a long time. So can we surprise him with something that is free?

How about a little good cheer ? 
Everyone could use cheerfulness!

  • LIKE Selim Yeniceri's FACEBOOK PAGE - awwe, C'mon you can do it in 1 min 
  • LIKE his FACEBOOK Profile Page 
  • Follow him on G+ (here's the site, 20 sec. - this'll be a cool surprise)
  • You could also Follow him on Twitter for updates, more FREE stuff, I'm sure! 
I'll see you there!
...and Shhh..... thank you!