Saturday, May 27, 2017

What is a Diagnosis?

The Rebel Patient uses the word, "diagnosis" a lot.
That's because it is the answer to the question, "What does the patient have?"

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary ranks the word in popularity as,

"Top 20% of words." 

1 a: the art or act of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms
             b: the decision reached by diagnosis * the doctor's diagnosis

          2. biology: a concise technical description of a taxon

          3 a: investigation or analysis of the cause or nature of a condition, situation, or problem *          
                 diagnosis of engine trouble

             b: a statement or conclusion from such an analysis"

So it is okay that every time you see a doctor, you ask,

"What is my diagnosis?"

It could be, "The flu." or "An inflamed appendix." ~ those are two different diagnoses.

The good doctor will tell you the diagnosis, or will tell you that she does not know. You may need to go get your blood drawn, or you may require an x-ray. However, the standard is that your doctor will usually write down a diagnosis in your medical record and do it during your visit, or shortly thereafter.
It may be a "presumptive" diagnosis that isn't yet written in stone, but I think you'll feel better if you ask,

"Could you please tell me my diagnosis?"

I hope this helps you to understand what is going on with your own body, And if everybody somehow started asking this question, doctors would talk to you in 'their' language. I think that you need to learn how doctors think, and part of that means to learn how to use and understand medical words.

Stay tuned for our next article, which is a continuation of this one. And give someone a good, long hug today! They say that hugging is as good for your body as eating vegetables or working out! So stop by and read my article here! ((Hugs!))

P.S. And if the doctor says, "You have an infected ear." Well, that is your diagnosis. So keep your ears out for:

"I think you have ...."
"It looks like you have ..."
"You have ...."

... because you just got your diagnosis without asking!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Rebel Patient: DEDICATED To Drs. Amy Reed, Hooman Noorchashm, and

The Rebel Patient book is dedicated to Amy Reed, MD, PhD, and her advocate husband, Hooman Noorchashm, MD, PhD, for being tireless voices for patient safety, women's health, and advocacy for those who either lost their voices or weren't being heard. They spearheaded a compelling fight for patient safety that was waged by the power morcellator medical device used in routine gynecologic hysterectomy. 

Sparked and glittering with lots of God's light amidst the suffering, Amy just celebrated Mother's Day AT HOME with her six beautiful children!

During laparoscopic surgery, the morcellator device was inserted through small abdominal slits, to chew up, grind up, and then unavoidably splat the abdominal wall with potential cancer cells. And in Amy's case, cancer is cancer and the statistics don't matter if it happens to you. No statistic is worth the iatrogenic up staging of cancer to a 'metastatic' spread of impending doom. Yet Amy, most thankfully to God, is a survivor who has lived to tell more than just a tale of patient safety, women's health advocacy and medical marvel.

The story of these brave and relentless people is one of love and morals. Besieged with a fateful blow after going in for routine gynecologic surgery, up staged with aggressive cancer that was inflicted by the surgeon(s) who did her case, then denied medical standards in place to prevent future deaths by morcellation, her story still wasn't over. She won't stop fighting. Her husband won't stop advocating. And we are so grateful for that!

A love story and patient battle rages on, in a frequently-updated petition that we have been promoting for three years.

The Rebel Patient will donate a portion of book sale proceeds to SlaySarcoma.comfor research on the aggressive leiomyosarcoma. Their site says,

"Together, we can make a difference.

In October of 2013, Amy Reed, a physician and mother of six underwent surgery for what her doctors believed were uterine fibroids.  Eight days later she received a call no one ever wants to get.  "The pathology came back—you have cancer."  Amy was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma just a year after the birth of her youngest child.  This cancer, which can masquerade as a fibroid, is aggressive, and often resistant to common cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation." 


  • You can donate to slay sarcoma here.
  • You can sign the Petition here.
  • You can Join The Good Doctors' thank-you to those who saved Amy's Life by performing CPR for 50 minutes, putting her on a bypass machine, operating on a large abdominal tumor and resuscitating from bleeding (see dedication video here), then recovering her in the UPenn SICU so that she could: 

...defy all odds and Celebrate Mother's Day 2017 with her Six Beautiful Children! 

What a Reminder:
Never Underestimate the Power of God!

  • Go to June 17, 2017 Luncheon to Benefit Cancer Research via!


  • And Slay Sarcoma!
  • Oh! And tell all your friends NOT TO USE THE MORCELLATOR for gyn surgery, because it's not worth the risk to lose your life like other women have!

We believe in the value of every breath and the benefit of each pen stroke waged by Dr. Hooman Noorchashm in support of his bride and mother of his children! We believe there's no stronger advocate in the US who has been a stellar star advocate for a patient! To this end, we are happy to announce that a portion of each sale of The Rebel Patient book will be donated to in pursuit of efforts to advance cancer research of the uterus.

"Father God,
We ask your continued blessings to abound in this family, and an outpouring of helpers and research supporters to be established and maintained." 🙌 

Won't you help?


                                                 Because no one can tell us when it's our time to die.

We have to fight to live. And we need your help now.

... and God Bless You.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Positively Persevering: 10 Health Benefits of a Good Hug

Positively Persevering - One Hug at a Time!

You do need to actually Pass it Along, because all Hugs are Shared!
and ... 

Did You Know?

Hugging heart-to-heart, with chests touching, for 30 seconds or so .... that's as good for you as exercise and vegetables, some say! Read on for specifics:

10 Health Benefits of a Real Hug

  1. Releases the bonding, 'happy' hormone oxytocin from the brain
  2. Relaxes the muscles, releasing tension
  3. Decreases depression and anxiety
  4. Decreases blood pressure and heart rate
  5. Decreases stress hormone levels of cortisone and norepinephrine
  6. Decreases stress after heart attack
  7. Decreases stress after stroke
  8. Improves pain tolerance
  9. Improves immune function, with fewer and less severe colds
  10. Improves school and work performance

And by the way, those non-affectionate hugs? They don't do. 
The hug has to be nice and firm, a real hug!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

Guzelim (My Beautiful) by Selim Yeniceri

I found another music video by Selim Yeniceri.
Passionate. Riveting.


...and a new book, DREAM TIGER!

...and FREE MP3 "I am the Storm!"

Krallarin Yolu (Road of The Kings) by Selim Yeniceri

Once again I am amazed this song came out 20 years ago!
This would have been a huge hit in L.A. or virtually anywhere in the USA...
Art by Selim Yeniceri included here, too!

OMGosh we have these Selim Yeniceri songs now:

...and a new book, DREAM TIGER!

And I keep asking, "What's Next?"
Production is at an all-time high!

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"Truth Hidden in The Stars" by @SelimYeniceri #NewMusic #music #life

Selim Yeniceri does it again!
New Music Friday right as the carriage is about to turn in to a pumpkin!

With the previous post, he brought us "Hammer (Takes a Goblet)" with a stunning array of musical intruments and Turkish flora that spawned the dawn of a new age in instrumental music video. Real life. 
I don't even know where to start talking about the real life episodes buried within this song.
Too many people I know can relate to this, and I'm sure it will be very therapeutic.

And I know Selim Yeniceri's new book, Dream Tiger, is COMING SOON!

...and there's the FREE MP3 - "I Am The Storm!"

With Selim Yeniceri, there's always something more!

Take a breath and absorb!

...and a new book, DREAM TIGER!

...and don't forget to pick out your FREE MP3 on "I am the Storm!" single by Selim Yeniceri

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hammer (Shapes The Goblet) by @SelimYeniceri #NewMusic #music #life

Refreshing and original, this is on a different scale than Selim Yeniceri's other pieces. He sets himself apart as a detailed artist weaving native Turkish instruments, costume, flora and photography into the tune as it drifts amidst it all! So reviving!

Friday, February 10, 2017

"I Am The Storm!" by @SelimYeniceri FREE MP3 #NewMusic #music #life

You know I'm big on Perseverance! I know it's not always easy!

Debut this Friday for #NewMusicFriday by #SelimYeniceri! 

"I Am The Storm" - Original Music

Will Keep you Motivated to stay on target and persevere despite life's obstacles!
FREE MP3 Great for Workouts!

~  ~  ~

Monday, February 6, 2017

"I Am The Storm!" by Selim Yeniceri FREE MP3 - Full Song!

So Excited that this is given for FREE - as it is great patient empowerment for #TheRebelPatient!

Remember to hand on to your dreams 
keep going on and on!

#IAmTheStorm #NewMusic #SelimYeniceri #music #NewMusicMonday #musicnews #indiemusic #musicians #Artist #author #DreamTiger

Friday, February 3, 2017

FREE MP3 "I Am The Storm" Later today from Selim Yeniceri

It's true! He is bringing this to you FREE because of his dream.

Let's say, "Happy Birthday" to Selim Yeniceri

Wanting to be a musician is a life-long dream - and holding on to that dream well, it just wasn't what like it seemed. Such is life, right?

Do you hold on to your dreams? You should!

Selim is linking up your FREE MP3 as we speak.
He is so busy that he'll never see this post, betcha. So let's surprise him, right? You can imagine how joyful yet stressful this day is for him.

His birthday is coming up soon and like a lot of us, he can't remember a really good one, not for a long time. So can we surprise him with something that is free?

How about a little good cheer ? 
Everyone could use cheerfulness!

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I'll see you there!
...and Shhh..... thank you! 
These things are my musings:
Stop wasting your time in life, and get to the important mission of your spiritual path.
It’s almost the end of January, 2017 and this year is going to better! Let’s contemplate where we are.
Many people tell me that they don’t  like this life is “real.” They don’t really feel as if they “belong” here on earth, and and they definitely “don’t fit in.” This is such a daily struggle for some that they talk to me, telling me (since I’m a doctor) that they struggle with suicide, daily. It’s because they really do feel that different, and they seek to belong. Their struggle is intense, persistent, and pervasive. They must find themselves.
Perhaps the self-struggle (and that’s what it may be) is because they are more spiritual than they know. Perhaps you are more spiritual than you know, too. Read on.
It’s time for you to start praying to God. There’s no other shortcut that I know, no human that can ‘fix’ this, no medication to take. Perhaps that is because there’s nothing “wrong”  with you and God is calling out for you to seek his face. Maybe your spirit is lonely for God’s spirit.
Searching to belong? You must know that God is watching out for you. Whether you realize it or not, it’s time to give up the struggle to ‘belong.’ No one has to ‘belong.’ It’s genuinely and mathematically correct to not belong, as we are unique.


It could be that you don’t ‘belong,’ you never have, you never will, and that’s OK. Why? Because you are different. You are tuned into spiritual things, not material things of this world, as if your tuning is honed into a different wavelength than the norm. Perhaps you need to accept this and be grateful that you are thinking on your own and striving to ‘find’ yourself.
You need to be comfortable in your own skin.
I started my spiritual walk when I was seven years old, in 2nd grade. I prayed with my patients, and I’m not the only doctor that does that. After my car accident, I was a Pastor. I have always prayed a lot and people tell me I say good, short, easy prayers. I think this is a good prayer for anyone who wishes to be more spiritual.
🙏🏽 This is my daily prayer:
“Dear God, I come before you seeking Your Will in my life, and I ask you to make yourself known to me. Open the doors that need to be opened, and close the doors that need to be closed.”
“Let me walk in your straight path, keeping my eyes on you. Send me people who bring me closer to you, and allow the negative influences to walk away from me. If I lose everyone but you, I am willing to do that. Thank you, I thank you, God, for making yourself known to me. I will watch for your signs. Lead me, guide me, comfort me. Amen.”
🙂 Now wait, and be expectant and hopeful.
👌🏽 The catch is that when a door slams in your face, you will know it. It will slam hard. But you will also know that you asked for it. So accept it and MOVE ON to the opened doors. Stop wasting your time in life and get to the important mission of your spiritual path. Acknowledge and thank God for answering your prayer. Then, move onward and forward!
🙌🏽 When you see an opened door, it is also important to acknowledge it and thank God for answering your prayer. No one will consider something to be “an answered prayer” because they didn’t say the prayer themselves, they aren’t you, and perhaps they are not walking in spirituality, but in carnality …so be careful who you talk to, as they may oppose your spirituality.
Only you know when your wishes come true. Only you know the true desires of your own heart, and when they are fulfilled.
So never look for validation from someone else. Look inside your own spirit.
You’ll grow your spiritual heart. This will also help you to announce your spirituality to yourself. “Walking in Spirituality” will become a way of life. My book, Stepping from the Edge, teaches you how to Really Believe God. Step-by-step, Workbook style, it gives you the pearls of wisdom gleaned from a hard life filled with obstacles and ‘bad luck.’ I hope you can learn from it, so here is Chapter One, FREE. Winner, Nancy Mills’ Spirited Woman Tip 12 Book Pick List.
All 5 Books by Dr Margaret Aranda won the Top 12 Spirited Woman Award from Nancy Mills,
Final thought: Perhaps you are in this world,
but are not of this world. Perhaps it’s this way for all of us.
Thank you for reading my writings.
Spurring you on to Momentous Occasions.
Remember to Cherish the Moments.
# # #
# # #

Dr. Margaret Aranda’s Books

Reprinted from Dr Author,
for authors.
Thank you for reading my writings.

"I Am The Storm!" Song by Selim Yeniceri

Welcome to 2017 and as February arrives, how was your January?

2017 HAS to be better than 2016, right? I think everyone I know was grateful for new beginnings, and here's some refreshment"

Selim Yeniceri is known for translating over 300 books from English to Turkish. Now, he enters the New Year with his new single, "I Am The Storm."

Here's the music Teaser,

Brought to you with a lifelong memoir, "Dream Tiger."
Check it Out!
More Later!

UPDATE FEB 10, 2017: Get your FREE MP3 Here.
~ ~ ~

Woo - Hoo!

To keep up in real time, Follow Selim Yeniceri on Twitter!

 LIKE Selim Yeniceri's Facebook Public Profile

LIKE Selim Yeniceri's Facebook Public Profile

 To keep up in real time, Follow Selim Yeniceri on Twitter!

To keep up in real time, Follow Selim Yeniceri on Twitter!

To keep up in real time, Follow Selim Yeniceri on Twitter!
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LIKE Selim Yeniceri's Facebook Public Profile
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What is a Diagnosis?

The Rebel Patient uses the word, "diagnosis" a lot. That's because it is the answer to the question, "What does the pati...