Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who is Little Missy Two-Shoes?

Ah, yes.  Little Missy Two-Shoes is my daughter.   The affectionate nickname was coined when, as happens with most children perhaps, the one-year old tried on a pair of my high-heeled shoes.   She sauntered into the family room, stumbling yet smiling with great pride.   The high heels were on the wrong foot, and in a fashion-wise sense, they were accessorized with a large purple straw hat!

That picture took our little "Missy" nickname to a new level,  "Little Missy Two-Shoes".   And when Missy was turning two years old, I gave her a Ladybug-themed Party.   Everyone had to wear black and red.   Haha, and if they did not, there was a Hostess at the door with a basket of antennae (black and red and multicolored) just in case of the need.   There were so many smiles that many people took a pair of antennae anyway, and when it came time for the Book Reading of Little Missy-Two Shoes, a group of two-year olds had just enough time to stay enraptured with this short story.  It was perfect, and each child received one book as their parting gift.

At the end of the Book Reading, we had some real ladybugs from the local nursery that were contained in a little covered dish.  One of my sisters cheerfully volunteered to sit on a chair and let them all loose one her!  While that was not a planned event, let me tell you that the two-year olds were intrigued.  Their eyes were simply glazed with awe.

Once again, their eyes spanned the next view: three Ladybug cakes.  I baked each one in a large bowl, then turned it upside down to reveal the perfect Ladybug shape.  Top that off with Oreo Cookie eyes and a pair of antennae (you guessed it), and Wala!  Cut into the cake and it is Red Velvet.  Oooohh!   Ahhhhh!  Many local Californians had not tasted a Red Velvet cake much before, and we made new fans out of Red Velvet Cakes, Ladybugs, and Little Missy-Two Shoes!  All in all, a great day!

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