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What Others are Saying About it: Archives of the Vagina by Dr Aranda

What Others are Saying: 
Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time
by Dr. Margaret Aranda
By a woman physician (me), for all girls and women. This is my gift to you and your fathers and husbands. The men need to run out and buy our tampons, don't they? Put up with our PMS and then our Menopause? Do they get MAN-o-pause too? This Reference Book was borne out of my 8 years of disability and bed-ridden status, which God used to inspire me to put this gigantic work together for you. Please note all the nationally-known people who kindly had a word to say about the book.

What's an 'Archive?' According to yahoo, it is "a place or collection containing records, documents, or other materials of historical interest." Wikipedia says an archive is a "an accumulation of historical records, or the physical place they are located..." In simple terms, it's a library in a book. For you.

And people ask, Why did you use the word, "Vagina?" Because it is not a bad word. I want our daughters to be able to start their periods knowing that it is coming from shedding of the uterine lining, and passing through the cervix into the vagina. I want to know if my daughter can't get a tampon in. My mother and my grandmother weren't there for me, because the times were different. Well, the times have changed...and mothers just want things to be better than they were for themselves when they were growing up. That's all. It's a huge step. The Executive Talk would include the fact that menstruation does not last forever, and women go through Menopause (so that doesn't surprise us, either).

Name of the book again? Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time
Order through your local library: ISBN#: 978-1-62854-116-8

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"What Others are Saying" about Archives of the Vagina
A Journey through Time
A List of People and Opinions at Book's Beginning:

Nancy Mills and The Spirited Woman
Wayne Connell, Founder and President, Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA)
Sayed H. Rohani, Novelist and Playwright
Walter E. Jacobson, MD, Psychiatrist, Speaker, and Author of "Forgive to Win"
Zoran K. Basich, Esq.; Nursing Home Solutions; Elder Law Attorney
Dr. Eve Agee, Best Selling Author of The Uterine Companion
     International Book Awards Winner
Hitesh Kakkad, Founder and President,
      Invisible Neurological Disorders Illness Association (INDIA)
Heidi McNulty, D.O., Physician, and Owner,
Shamsah Amersi, MD
      Fellow, American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Susie Hadas, Inventor of Coldfront, Founder & CEO, Personally Cool, Inc.
Madeleine Shaw, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Lunapads and Pads4Girls

Foreword by Jeffrey P. Leake, M.D.

Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time

     My "first talk" wasn't actually a "talk" talk. I was thirteen years old, and my mother handed me a red hardcover book. The Red Book. I was told to turn to say, the seventh chapter. Okay, basic anatomy. The vagina was depicted in a large color illustration of the uterus and fallopian tubes, and there was a small illustration of the penis.
     No preamble, no introduction, no warning. Initially it was pretty boring. A couple was sitting on the couch. They made it clear that it was a married couple. They made a big deal about that part. Horrified, my eyes widened as the penis was inserted into the vagina. What? I had to read it over again. How did that happen so fast? Wait! How did that happen so fast? How could that happen with their clothes on? I read it again. They definitely still had their clothes on.

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