Saturday, October 20, 2012

About 'Stepping from the Edge'

I will admit that I was scared. Things were happening around me that I did not understand. I knew that I had only two choices: either succumb to the pressure, or rise above it. So I chose to rise.

Stepping from the Edge is about facing the battle. I love the scene in Australia, where the native boy is running to the edge of a cliff. A huge stampede of bulls follows him. At the Edge, the little boy turns abruptly and faces the bulls. He poises himself in the position of a praying mantis and takes his stand. For he remembers what his Grandfather told him: that bulls can only be stopped by the solid eye of another. So at the last moment, the bulls veer to the left, bypass him, and all are saved from the cliff.

The only way I know how to live is to live for Christ. The only way I know how to keep on living with a horrible disease is to do so day by day, hour by hour.

In this book, I halt all pretenses. I give you a full dose of raw faith, belief, and most importantly, acting like you believe.


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