Friday, May 29, 2015

First Online Ministry for Disabled: Holy Communion

by Rev. Margaret Aranda, MD, Ph.D. 

Welcome to a Gathering of Christians, where there is no "religion" but a non-denominational one. There are no "rules' except those imposed on us by Jesus or God, through the Holy Bible.

This Service includes Scripture readings, inspiring songs, Holy Communion (see below), prayer for an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda, and a time for you to include your own prayers. Join us in celebrating what Christ wanted: to be remembered at the time we gather ourselves together.

Video 1. One hour Service for the Disabled or Home-Bound.Includes the taking of Holy Communion, so please have
bread or unleavened bread (matza), and wine or grape juice,
or any liquid you can sip.

Many churches give Holy Communion as if it is taken to make you more Holy. It is not.
Listen to the Scripture readings below, and let the inspiration of the Holy Spirit lift you up.
Holy Communion is not for us. It is to Remind us of the Death of Christ. 
But I believe the Scriptures show us how this is a "cleansing" of our bodies, and 
may explain why those who do NOT participate in Communion are weak, sick, and bed-ridden.
Think about it and then think again: what do I have to lose by taking Holy Communion daily? By proclaiming Christ as my Savior, asking for forgiveness, and acting like a Christian? Seriously.

Video 2. Discourse on the Taking of Holy Communion. Scripture by scripture, we dissect what the Bible has to say about taking Communion.

These are the basic steps that we learn:

1. You must be Born Again.
2. You must ask for forgiveness of your sins, known and unknown.
3. If you have something against someone, go fix it before coming to church.
4. The flesh and blood are shed for all men, in Remembrance of Christs' death.
5. You may start anew in your walk with Christ, as you have been forgiven and rejuvenated. 

Every single day is a new day,

a new opportunity to bring life, love, 

and happiness into your heart, through Jesus & Communion! 

Spread it to ailing, hurting, suffering, and

burden-laden hearts around you!

Let's get ourselves ready to battle so that we can be 


Warriors with great Double-Edged 

Swords of the Word of God!!!

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