Sunday, May 3, 2015

We Can Make Our World Go Around

by Rev. Margaret Aranda, MD., Ph.D.

We are excited that JGFoundation has offered to be a hub, hosting several efforts that I have been praying for. This is a direct answer to my specific prayers, and in order to get started, the first thing I need is ...... VOLUNTEERS. I plan to go on national radio podcast as Reverend of the First Online Church and Bible Study for the chronically ill, housebound, and those who don't like "church."

                                                   Artist: Unknown, but I will find him.

Why are you still alive? What is God's purpose in having you suffer and carry your own cross for so long? Maybe you will find your purpose, your destination here. Christ taught us to love. Let's do that.

I will be leading four groups, on the Executive Level of the Foundation. Please pray about this. Please do not volunteer for something that you can not commit to for one year.  Please review these categories:

1. Executive Branch, Orphanage. We have Pastor Steven Mwesigwa and 35 (Fiona recently was taken to Heaven) orphans to house, feed, clothe, and provide religious, educational, and medical treatment. If you would like to travel to their Village, arrangements can be made on your own dime, or that of your church. Our first goal is to purchase a piece of property so they don't have a landlord to deal with. That cost is about $4,000. To feed the orphans is about $200/month. To sponsor one orphan (I have sponsored two siblings, Leah and Moses, for about two years), it is about $35.00/mo. Pastor can tell you more.

2. Executive Branch, HOAs. Google+ has Hangouts on Air (HOA) that are free and live. I would like to give sermons, provide teaching, and have guest speakers support our efforts. I need computer-savy volunteers to purchase their own Chromebook, learn how to use it, and interact with this ministry on Thursday Bible Study and Sunday Praise & Worship. There is a learning curve, and I will point you in the right direction so that you can get started ASAP.

3. Executive Branch, Suicide Prevention, Post-Partum Depression. After formal suicide Counselor certification, I will further provide you with information and/or lectures on the nuances of this specific type of depression. My heart is heavy for the babies that are drowned each year, and this is where God is leading me.

4. Executive Branch, Ministry. If you sign up for this, you will help with duties of all of the above, concentrating on one, if you have a preference and/or God gives you that burden. Be excited! This is the First Online Church the world has ever seen, and we expect you to be committed, prepared, and follow-through on any and all volunteer activities you sign up for (barring accidents, etc.). In other words, make the time and show your God that you are putting Him first. Remember that you are not serving me. I am but a child of God, a server of the Lord, who is doing her best to follow God's Word and follow the Holy Spirit's nudging to do all these great and wonderful things for others. Our motto? "We Live to Serve."

To Sign Up:  Enter a Comment below. I don't "see" your email address.
In the Comment section, please enter your Contact information:

Position Desired

And I need a  Personal Assistant who will work directly with me, on a daily basis. I need reliability, not just good intentions. Pray about it and see if the Holy Spirit gives you the burden to share with me. It is logical that the best person for this position would have experience in being a Pastor, and be Ordained. God Bless you as you pray.

One final thought. This is not about me. This is not about you. This is between you and God. Maybe this is your Purpose on earth. Bring an Army with you! Calling all Lupies! Chiaris! POTSIES! EDS-ers! Let us show the world that God blesses us, and we bless others.
....and the greatest gift of all is love.

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