Sunday, May 1, 2016

Grassroots talks with: Dr. Margaret Aranda 05/01

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! So exciting! Look at what God is doing! Amen and Amen!

Grassroots talks with: Dr. Margaret Aranda 05/01 by Grassroots Radio Talks |  Current Events Podcasts 

Dr.  Margaret Aranda, Latina is the second-born of seven children.  In 1985 she graduated California State University, Northridge, Cum Laude and went to Oral Roberts University Medical School.  She graduated USC Medical School in 1990, completed the Stanford Anesthesiology in 1995 and Stanford Critical Care in 1996. She and her three year old daughter were in a tragic car accident in 2006 after a lady hit the gas instead of the brakes because every Chinese food it was falling from the seat.  If it were not for the car accident, she never would have had the time to write books.  and she enjoys every brains transferring knowledge to paper, to contribute to society and medicine in each own way.  each Face Book biggest Following is Caring Friends with Invisible illnesses, and she received the 2011 Award for Perseverance every Efforts, from the Invisible Disabilities Association.

Each area newest followers on Twitter (@arandamdphd) and on Google+

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