Thursday, September 8, 2016

"I AM" The Cork of Life

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda and William C. Ballard II /

# 316 BIG SKY 9-5-16


"I AM" the cork, in the drain of life that exists today. 
Deny that you., Deny life., God bless. "
~William C Ballard, II

Artist William C. Ballard II StartEd started painting this image after being aware that Dr Aranda is now spending quality time with a dying daughter. The continuing failure of Australian Hospice and Palliative Care delivery to Mother, Warrior and Beautiful 

Mandi Loren

exists as you read this heartfelt article and Dedication. And as William C Ballard, II Dedicates this Original Painting to Dr Margaret Aranda, so too Dr Aranda takes this in kind and in the same lovingkindness and compassionate consideration to bestow it upon 

Mandi Loren, 
also known as 


Today, Dr Margaret Aranda is doing what she can to help this precious lady who is not laying down in destitution, but who sits up straight with the Light of Godin her room. 

 #MandiPandi possesses conscious 
of extreme pain 
in her dying process.

Let us first be stimulated to look upon her as a human.
Then let us be aware of our own travesty 
in failing to provide

"Patient Dignity in Dying Alone"

Give us strength and character to fight for others in 

"Palliative Care" 

so this travesty

 should never happen again.

Let this one beautiful baby girl's life 
have purposes and meanings
so much further than our dreams. 

Let Us Pray: 
Let us take responsibility
To learn the meaning: True Charity 
Forgive our being too busy to care
Let us make others aware
that this "ain't the way to die."
~Dr Margaret Aranda

Prayers and supplications go up to God and Our Living Lord, and we ask that you join us 
in asking Our Maker to let us bear the burden of taking #MandiPandi's pain away so we may 
relieve her 
of her sorrows 
in her last days. 

"Let not anyone depart this world 
with consciousness 
that it is a heartless and lonely place 
without compassion.

Don't let people be glad to die 

in order to find PEACE."


To William C. Ballard, II and MandiPandi:

Finest shades of blue
Calming soothing hues
 Expression of Love 
Relief Dues above
 The leaks in cold society stare

 Big 'equalizer' of pain 
Natural forces of a drain
Stops us dry freezing pain
Mesmerized blue cork unrestrained

Give Mandi Peace
Garments of Wreaths
Bestow pain relief
Forge our disbelief
Exalt Your praises to greater seas

Calm whispy glitterin'
Glow gifts a flitterin'
Blue seagulls chirp
Mountains exerp 
The breeze of unleashed love from above.
~Dr Margaret Aranda

"Please take away Mandi's pain as she is truly in dire need during our last days. 
God Bless us all. Amen."

Note that artist William C Ballard, II likes to hide the numbers "143" inside. 

#MandiPandiProject    #LymeDisease   #StemCellResearch 

Please stop and pray for Mandi now.

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