Tuesday, April 10, 2018

5 Reasons to Favor Fermented Foods

You just have to eat fermented foods, incorporating them slowly into your diet! In "The Alphabet Series," we pick up today with the letter, "F" because it's so fantastically favorite! Letter F
When certain foods are left to soak and seep over time, the carbs and sugars act to boost the growth of certain bacteria. These "fermented"  bacteria protect your gut, your health, and these are the original probiotics, par excellence!
Far better than probiotics found in an expensive pill, they pack pounds of immunonutrition power! And you know how much we love immune-nutrition: to benefit the immune system with each bite!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Make Fermented Foods your FAV's:

  1. Shield from bacteria such as E.Coli and salmonella, and the yeast Candida. Tiny bacteria, microflora, live in the gut and line it with a protective barrier. Fermented foods' probiotic power can be 1000x more potent than store-bought supplements;
  2. Increase antibodies that fight infection, enhancing the immune system;
  3. Regulate the appetite. Eat the top probiotic foods to gain all the best benefits;
  4. Decrease sugar and carbohydrate cravings, and do so naturally;
  5. Fight inflammation. Many of today's top killers like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic metabolic syndrome can be counteracted by an anti-inflammatory diet with antioxidant quality. Fermented foods exquisitely fit this bill!
Do you need any more reasons? The list would be too long to fit into six or seven paragraphs, and we used our extensive education and years of experience to bring to you the whittled down list extraordinaire! So be sure to read all the related articles!
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General Rule: If you watch every single morsel of food that goes into your mouth, and refuse to eat or drink anything that is not acting as a beneficial medicine to your body, then you're well on your way to streamline all your health care and aging needs!
(That last sentence was so packed with concentrated information, you may want to go ahead and re-read it and take it straight to heart today!)

Maybe next time you see them, you'll say, "Please pass those pickles!"

Hat's off to you!

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