Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Stepping from the Edge

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

I woke up twelve nights in a row, and I went to my laptop.  It's a MAC, of course, since my training is at Stanford and the Silicon Valley left its imprint on me and my fingers.  The screen glowed in the dark with Safari, iTunes, iPhoto, and iCalendar icons and the light cast its glow upon my bed.  No one noticed.  This was good for me, as I wrote.  And I wrote.

The words came to me in phrases that turned into sentences that turned into paragraphs that turned into Chapters.  Twelve Chapters in twelve days.

Stepping from the Edge is a succinct and concentrated Program for getting your Christian life back on track, or for starting your walk with a bang.  It is compelling, riveting, moving, and busting at the seams with motivation and inspiration for you.  The focus?  Really believing.

If you really believe that there is a God, and if you really believe that you can have a personal relationship with Him and with Jesus Christ, then this book is for you.  If you are going through hard times and are unsure of your walk yet you strive and pray and seek and yearn, then this book is for you.    And if you need to know that God works through hard times, and that God is really there with you and for you, and if you want to try to understand His Ways and perhaps more importantly, our ways of learning His Ways, then wait until Christmas.

Try Twelve Days of Stepping from the Edge instead of or in addition to the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Betcha you'll be glad that you did.


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