Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Searching for Ambassadors of Each Invisible Illness

We are looking for an "Ambassador" for each of the following Invisible Illnesses:

Familial Dysautonomia
Chiari Syndrome
Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction
Lyme Disease
Pure Autonomic Failure
Intracranial Hypertension
VasoVagal Syncope
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Traumatic Brain Injury
Vertebral Artery Dissection or Aneurysm
Mystery Diagnosis
Frontal Lobe Atrophy
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

...and more.  

To be a Forward-thinking voice to the population.  To keep abreast of major news and breakthroughs, and to be available to spearhead the dissemination of information both toward the population and toward organizational nonprofit, government, and/or licensing groups.  All duties will be in conjunction with the other disease entities listed above. The person should be able to follow instructions, ask questions, do homework, and meet deadlines.  The person should be able to research key people in positions of authority, such as organizations, hospitals, public officials, or medical professionals, and obtain contact information.  The person should be able to professional address letters, send emails, keep an email list, organize letters to be sent to a government official or entity, and/or write an original letter representing others having the same disease.  The persona should be able to post FaceBook posts or comments on a page, and share the same page with others having Invisible Illnesses.  

Characteristics and Traits:  
The person should have the ability to get along with others.
The person should have the disease, or should be recovered from having the disease.
The person should have been a patient, with official medical records.  It is not necessary that the patient has a diagnosis; if the person has seen multiple doctors and still does not have a diagnosis, the Category would be, "Mystery Diagnosis".
The ideal person would have gone from doctor to doctor multiple times before a diagnosis was made.
The ideal person would have had the disease for a period of time before obtaining an official diagnosis.
The person should be respected as being an authority of the disease.  This includes being a patient, a caregiver, an epatient, a nurse, a doctor, or other health care professional.  
The person should have a presence on social media, which includes but is not limited to You Tube, Face Book, blogs, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, Flickr, Photobucket, Vimeo, and Google Buzz.
The person should be a positive, outgoing, visible personality type that does not readily accept negativity, but embraces the positive side of life.

Part One. To apply, please submit an Essay that includes information on your background, disease, achievements, characteristics, social presence, experience, and attitudes.   Submit this in one paragraph of 500 words maximum.  This is the first half of your Application.

Part Two. The second half of the Application is an Essay on growth.  Submit this as your second paragraph of 500 words maximum.  Answer some or all of these questions:

The main theme for this Application is: 
"Time to Grow"
How do you want to grow as an individual?  
How do you see your disease entity 'growing' in the future?  
How do you see Invisible Illnesses grow as an entity?  
What changes do you see in the future?   
What changes can you make?

The maximum limit is 500 words.


1.  Write your Essays, for a total of 1,000 words.  There are two Parts, each with a maximum of 500 words.  Please check spelling and word count before submission.
2.  Submit it via email. On the Subject line of the email, write AMBASSADOR SUBMISSION: CHIARI if it is for Chiari Disease.  Write AMBASSADOR SUBMISSION: FIBROMYALGIA if it is for Fibromyalgia.  Do the same for all other proper disease categories.  If you have an Invisible Illness that is not listed here please "comment" to this post below and provide the name of the Illness.  If it is approved, it will then appear in the list above.  
3.  Write your Essay in the body of the email.  Do not send Attachments or insert photos.  Use regular-spaced lines, no double spacing.
4.  Put your full name and phone number at the bottom of the Essay.
5.  Submit your Essay to: chooseaction@yahoo.com
6.  You may only submit One Application per person.  You may only submit one email.  To promote fairness, you must follow instructions or your Application will be automatically disqualified.  We can not stress this enough.  If you don't follow instructions, we apologize but your Application will not be considered.
7.  We apologize but we will be unable to verify receipt of each Application.
8.  By submitting your email Application, you agree that portions or the entirety of your Essays can be used to benefit society.  This includes the rights to book inclusion, posting to social media, newspapers, blogs, or other internet or hard paper sites.  You give up all rights to your Essay to Dr. Margaret A. Ferrante.  Essays will be made public, although the person writing the Essay will not be identified unless prior consent has been made.
9.  Copy and paste this information for use in your email:

PHONE: (      )            -

PART ONE (500 words maximum):

PART TWO (500 words maximum):

Please consent to use of your Essay by checking the box:
____  I understand that by submitting this email, I give up all rights to my Essays.  Dr. Margaret A. Ferrante may use them in whole or in part for a book, posting, blog, newspaper, or other media without limitation.  She will not use my name unless I provide previous consent.

8.  The Deadline for Applications is Saturday, December 15th at Midnight.  Applications submitted on or after December 16, 2012 are automatically disqualified.
9.  If you are selected as an Ambassador, you will be notified on Monday, December 24, 2012.   

Selected Ambassadors will be announced as soon as each one has accepted their position.  
Hat's Off to each one of you, and let the writing begin!  

We will open a new FB Page for all Ambassadors to represent Invisible Illnesses!  


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