Monday, June 27, 2016

Eye-Witnesses: What did They Say about The Face of JESUS CHRIST?

by Dr Margaret Aranda

What did Jesus really look like? Dark brown hair? Beard?

What about His eyes?

Were His eyes similar to those of a newborn baby, filled with pure and undefiled Love?

Video. The True Faces of Jesus. Many thanks to YouTube Suscriber MLordandGod.
This Historical accounting is as beautiful as it is timeless.

As I watched this accounting, it amazed me to think of the people that actually did meet Christ in person. This video exudes the Eye-Witness statements of people of Jesus' day who actually did meet him in person.

More than that alone, can we all strive to be like Jesus?
Do people see "love" radiation from your eyes?
Do you have a "presence," and "aura" of love and gentle-kindness plain to see?

Each one of us is left to look at what was said of the man, the man in front of them!
And see how much more you can truly be!


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