Thursday, June 30, 2016

For Mental Health: Healing by Christ & Song

by Dr Margaret Aranda

June marks the end of Mental Health Month in the USA. We have shared many Pins, blogs, Tweets, and supportive prayers for many during this time.

* The bombing of Istanbul International Airport has devastated many, wreaking havoc on mental health and PTSD.

* People that you know have died, or been stricken with an illness that seems to have no hope left for a long, enjoyable life. Your heart hurts.

* You wish you could go back and make things different. You need to know that God was there as you were formed in your mother's womb. You were never, and you have never been alone.

* This song is for you.

* Listen in silence.

* Walk upon the waters.

Video. Oceans where my Feet Fail. If Jesus can walk on the waters, and He is holding His hand out to you in your storms and lightening and thunder.....then take His hand. Trust Him. You shall walk upon the waters too, wherever He shall lead you.

Christ is your Savior.



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