Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Generstone Photography Steals Photos by Dr Margaret Aranda

 / by Dr Margaret Aranda /

 I have discovered that a company, Generstone Photography, has pirated my downloaded and pinned photographs, and is marketing them on Pinterest as being their own.

What do we do?

We give them notice to cease and desist. We let you all know. We change the Pins.
Are we going to sue them?

Image 1. "Generstone Photography" Stolen Pinterest Image. 
These are Property of Aranda MD Enterprises. You can see that I saved it 3 years ago. I just noticed it recently and have been thinking about "what to do."

At Aranda MD Enterprises and at MAF Photography, we are distinguished by distinguishing poetry assigned to a photo. In art and poetry, usually the artist sketches or paints a work After the Poem. Not with us. We take great pride in writing original Poetry to coincide with the essence of the image.

~"We are unique and distinguished. Because you are."

The Essence of this Photo is:

"Crinkled Pink"

Note the fine distinction
Petals wrapped non-fiction 
Edges silky fine wrinkles 
studded by infinite circles
Therefore, the image says, "Crinkled Pink."

Original Photo/Photograph Combo
~by Dr Margaret Aranda

Anyone can take a photo. Lots of people can write Poems. Even fewer still can sketch an artist's work to match this distinguished Trio. At MAF Photography, we create our own imaginations to match the sentiment that you feel. 
~"So don't fight it. Succumb to the bliss."

Sketch Being Made Now:
Sketched Image by Doctor, Patient Advocate,
Author, Poet and Artist
Dr Margaret Aranda

There are over 40 images in this collection, and I will be posting each one here to claim them and serve as legal notice that they belong to me. 

I think this is an effective, proactive, mature and professional way to behave. 

What do you think?


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