Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cheering for Her Daughter

/ by Dr Margaret Aranda /

Cheering for Her Daughter

No one could know
Beautiful girl grows
But her real mom
Playing Pom-Poms
Cheering for her daughter on the sidelines.

You see MandiPandi
Pudding and Tie-Dyed
Pantered to a Pond
Hair blowing Fond
Mummy clapping, smiling to be in her life always.

Huge brown eyes touch
Hearts that grow much
Sweetest girl ever
Moments to treasure
Stomping on puddles placing people first.

That's my MandiPandi
Highly treasured Fancy Wancy
Kiss you Hug you Fly Above Forever
Miss me Kiss me Look up Hover
I'll look at my hands as they are the same.

I'll treasure the memory your soul
Crying to me touching my Lymie Bowl
Of Advocates Associations Foundations
Affiliations Conglomerations Ethics Mountains
Fighting Forever and Evermore No Worries.

Go with the wind
Let go wild
Sing with melodies in skies
Fly to other LymiePies
All will be well with your soul and mine. Stitched together in time.

~ Love, Mum

Dedicated to my MandiPandi.
Lyme Disease Warrior Extraordinaire


We Shall
Fight for Lyme Stem Cell Research to be Ignited in Australia

Pray for Kyle

Live like there's no tomorrow.

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