Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Blog Hop/Tweet" Instructions

  / by Dr Margaret Aranda /  

It's the First "Blog Hop ~ Tweet" Ever!

You Are Invited to Dr. Margaret Aranda's 

Writer's Challenge

"Memoir Madness: Ages 1 - 31"

Previous years' submissions are okay, of course.
For now, follow 31 days of Dr. Aranda's Memoirs
No tweets of your own work yet, please! We want you to shine!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

~ Starts November 1, 2016 ~ 

Get Your Pens Ready!

  • Preliminary Blog Hop / Tweet Rules (Modifications pending):
  • Tweet block the open 1 / day for 31 days of childhood memoirs.
  • Go read others' memoirs ~ Leave a Comment / Tweet if relevant to you.
  • Can not remember your own Age 1? Start with your earliest memory & that's Age 1.
  • Artistic freedom Encouraged so use your imagination and pic great pics! 

It's a Blog Hop/Tweet!

  • Original poetry, sketches, art and photography applauded.
  • Start from your earliest memory, of course!
  • Go ahead and use your artistic talents to self-modify ... encourage artistic talent.
  • No word minimum. Poetry & Quotes valued.
  • Qualification: bloggers, quoters, poets, photographers, artists with stellar reputations in a niche of writing.
  • OK to discuss relationships, mind, body, soul, mental health, spirituality, cancer, poverty, divorce, abuse, nutrition, puberty and more. (As always, put a rider on your website for graphic topics.)

What to Do:

  • October: Read Dr. Margaret Aranda's Memoirs for fun
  • October 15, 2016: Enter the Hop Blog / Tweet by emailing Dr. Aranda personally (request via the Inbox on baby
  • November 1, 2016 = Day 1 of Blog Hop / Tweeter for 31 days
  • December 1, 2016 = Last Day, Hope # 31 of Blog / Tweet
  • December 2, 2016 = you are a better writer, author with many contacts!

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