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How to Pic Great Pics for your Blog

Selecting and Importing Images

/ By Dr. Margaret Aranda / 
 For any Production, you need good images. Let's say you are looking for a picture of a car's lights. Please find three (3) pictures when you have a lot to say (I'll tell you why later).  Remember that graphs, algorithms, pie charts and diagrams portray more understanding than words in a paragraph.

Do a Google "Pic" Search for an Image

  • Google  "Key Words" ~ add "pic" to find a picture
  • Example: "car lights" and "blue" and "pic" used here
  • Look for a pic in the top row that is shaped like a rectangle. 
  • Put your cursor over it. It says the dimensions for example, 1000 x 900 pixels or 250 x 200 pixels. 
  • The greater the number, the more resolution your image has to look fantastic 
  • I found an image of 1000 x 800 pixels. 
  • This is an example of my choice, a high-resolution image (See Image 1):
Selecting and Importing Images Image 1 Google Search Car Lights.  Note the high-resolution image with great contrast and definition. Poetry. Image Courtesy myled.co II

Evaluate and Assess Your Image

Look to the right of your chosen image. Note you are in a subsection, and your original search is still on the screen background (See Image 2).

Selecting and Importing Images
My Screenshot: Search for a Great Pic.  You have two choices on the right side: (1) Visit Page (2) View Image.  

Before you choose what to do next, look at the size of the pic again to make sure you want to download it. 
  • Most importantly, note the size of the image
  • For best resolution, choose a picture over 2000 x 1000 pixels
  • For simple downloads, you choose a square picture at 250 x 300 pixels; great size for a  Profile Picture (a square)
  • For a background image on a FB or Twitter Page, do not use a huge file like the ones we're talking about in this article. Instead, you select a rectangle of 400 x 800 pixels, with the image 'pulled over' to the right. this is because the left of the the image you will be blocked from view by your square Profile Picture. 

Download Image into your Computer 

Choose (2) view image (See Image 3). 

Selecting and Importing Images
Image 3. My Screenshot: Select Image.  Google automatically displays related images.  
  • If it's all in a good tight bundle, 'View More' will pop up
  • If you do not see 'View More,' the image probably has not been Widely used before. That's my experience
  • If you do not see 'View More' you may have trouble downloading it without having to pay for it  

Once you click 'View Image,' it opens up on a new URL window. It is a 'Preview' (See Image 4).

Selecting and Importing Images4. My Image Screenshot: "View Image" in its own URL.  A new page opens up automatically.

Download your Picture
  • Rename it 
  • I personally like to first write in the date, as in 09032016.carlights
  • Pick a folder to hold the image
  • You may want to start a collection named "Car Lights" for example
  • Hit 'Save' last
Download the Image to your blog
  • In your blog, click 'Download Image'  Find your pic wherever you saved it, click on it; which hit the 'Download'
  • The picture is downloading the computer "thinking! '
  • Do not do anything else. Leave your computer keys alone until the image is fully downloaded 
  • Once the image is downloaded, remember to reference it in your writing: "Image Courtesy xxx" 
  • If possible, use a link back to the photo's website Photographers appreciate this as a professional courtesy

Link Image to the Original Website

Go and highlight the name of the site: " carlights.co II " (See Image 5).
Selecting and Importing Images

Image 5. My Screenshot: Select Area to be linked.  This can be a word or phrase. Get your URL ready after doing this step. 
  • Highlight the 'name' of the website
  • Now to to the top of page, to the widget that is for "Links." It has a squiggly appearance (See Image 6).

Selecting and Importing Images
Image 6. My Screenshot: Using the Link Widget.  Click. You get a square box that already is Named on the Top Line with the Name of the image.
  • Highlight "Car Lights" in the text. See Image below 7.
Selecting and Importing ImagesScreenshot My Image 7: Insertion of a link. "Car Lights."  You highlight 'Car Lights' in the text. This automatically imports that information for you. 
  • Now, copy and paste the source of the website that you need to reference
  • Note: make sure that your URL starts with " http: // " - that is the most common mistake Preventing you from linking
~ ~ ~ 
  • By now, you've you have (1) Text to display completed
  • (2) Pasted the image URL too 
  • (3) Click the "Insert Link" when finished ( Breathe! )
  • I like to go back and 'Bold' and 'Italic' the text block
  • Always reference the Source of your images and get into this habit
  • Do this 10 times and you're a Pro!
Save the Preview Image to Your Computer
  • I do not need the Preview anymore
  • 'Control Q' to 'Quit' the new window and close it

Final Completion

Now you're ready to have eye-catching new images spectacularly Displayed on the wall! Tweet, Pin, G +, or Facebook. 
  • The more images you have per block, the better your flexibility and variation for the same Tweet to be attached, say, to 3 images 
  • This is very professional! 

Best to you in all your Endeavors, and may we do our best to "Put it Best Image Forward! 
For the professional touch, it's now time to move your images left and right, reduce or enlarge on it (See Image 8).
Selecting and Importing Images

8. My Image Image Screenshot: Image Resizer and Center.  I think it looks professional to have images 'move' left-to-right along an article. 
  • I like to keep the first image of a block in the heart of Center 
  • Moving the image left or right requires more skill. But if you do it 10 times in a row, you're a Pro!
  • The benefits of learning how to use this function outweigh your need to learn it on a steep learning-curve.  So persevere!
Go ahead and pay special attention to this last detail, as you worked so hard to find, import, link and displays your 3 images! 

Thank you for reading my Articles. I hope this helps people who are not used to importing images. It's also meant to make you succeed at being a stellar leader!  Feedback always welcomed!

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