Saturday, June 13, 2015


by Margaret Aranda, MD, Ph.D.

It was my honor to be asked by Dr. Brown to be interviewed as a "Top 2015 Women's Role Model" for "Grassroots Talks Radio." After a wild "I-better-live-up-to-this Introduction thought, we talked about many things. Above all, it was my pleasure and my humble honor to be at the end of his phone, being broadcasted out to the nation. My hope is that girls, teens, and high school students could take from my true stories of my life, and apply what they have to PERSEVERE through their lives, one day at a time! 

It was a pleasure to share and relate to teenage runaways, teens staying in school, fighting for yourself when you have a disability, seeking 20 doctors if you have to do so for a diagnosis, and how the writing of my first book, No More Tears: A Physican Turned Patient Inspires Recovery came about: in my hospital bed. 

I am SPURRED ON to higher goals, bigger mountains, a louder and more far-reaching voice! I am honored to have done the CLOSING PRAYER, too! I am honored to continue to do this together with you as a Host or Co-Host of this show, and thank God for opening new Doors for those who ask! 

I had a vision of a large building, with a line of teenagers going around the block. Each one was given a pillow, a meal, and a blanket. Each one was given a chance at LIFE, SCHOOL, and a FUTURE with at least a TRADE under their belt. I finished Cosmetology School when I was 19 years old. 

Hey, I shared that I too, was a runaway at age 16, and before that, I ran away every weekend. I just wanted my independence, to be alone with my thoughts. NEVER did I ever stop to think that one day, I would graduate USC Keck School of Medicine, and then finish Anesthesiology and Critical Care at Stanford School of Medicine.

Then, CRASH! A lady crashed into me and my daughter, changing our lives in the blink of an eye:

After about 20 different doctor visits where I was told that "NOTHING" was wrong with me, that I needed "a nursing home." that I got the E.R. doctors and nurses to roll their eyes at me and say, "Oh. It's Ferrante again" = "Ferrante Syndrome, and say I'm pretending, I'm drug-seeking, I'm depressed, I'm having a panic attack, I'm drug-seeking, I need to "stop it" and "quit playing the sick role," Dr. Cannom diagnosed me with dysautonomia.

I also had a vertebral artery dissection with aneurysm, a Traumatic Brain Injury with DI, and multiple "Invisible Illnesses" for which the Invisible Disabilities Association granted me the "Perseverance Award" in 2011. 

Nine years later, I'm still mostly bed-ridden, and others still convince themselves that I don't need to take midodrine, or DDAVP, or other drugs that would kill a normal person. So how am I "pretending?" Guess what? I'm NOT.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Forgiveness only hardens your own heart and turns you into someone that you do not want to be. You only tear yourself up. Go with God, and he will lead the way. Ask Him to open the doors that need to be opened before you, and to close the doors that need to be closed before you, so that your path is straight and narrow. 

He knows the number of hairs on your head. You are not alone. You were NEVER alone. Thanks be to God, in Jesus' name, Amen.

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And try to do what I do: wake up slowly in the morning, opening your eyes and realizing that you have another day on earth. Another chance to make things better. Another chance to meet someone who can help you. Another opportunity to thank God. Have a grateful heart, and see if that doesn't change you on the inside, where it matters. I did.  Because at the end of this Journey called life, I'll spend Eternity in Heaven with Christ. Let's see....which one lasts longer, my life or Eternity? Hmmmm. I take each day ONE DAY at a time. I praise God for each day. I sing worship songs to His name. I may not be "normal" and I may be "disabled" but Thank God I have a brain, I can talk, I can write, I have a computer, and He is keeping my family safe. In comparison to others, I have no gripes. None. I can only praise the Lord and give thanks. Amen.

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