Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Women go through several stages in life, usually.  These were characterized by the pagans as the Triple Goddess.  I just think it is pretty, and symbolic.

The Maiden seems flexible, dancing lightly and looking downwards at her foot.  She has the most hair, which is wildly strewn about.  The Mother is 'sandwiched' between the others, and still boasts full locks of hair and good flexibility in the legs.  She seems to be holding on tight to the Crone, who by now must surely have osteoporosis, as she has shrunken in size!  Her hair is gray and wiry, short and perhaps falling out a bit. Her abdomen is thick, and one can't help but wonder about her Hip-to-Waist ratio!  Chunky legs perhaps signify decreased venous return, and the Mother seems to pull her along, holding on tightly to her hand.

The cycle of womanhood.  It's a good thing.  Also, Women looking out for Women.  Except perhaps the Maiden, who seems more interested in her foot than anything else!

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