Saturday, October 20, 2012

About 'Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes A Ladybug'

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug was written for my daughter's two-year-old birthday party. Since she was scared of bugs and I loved to garden, I decided to hold a Ladybug Party.

Everyone had to wear black and red, and if they not? Ha. They received a headband with two antennae to wear on their heads as they were greeted at the door! What fun!

Yes, I wrote Little Missy Two-Shoes so that my daughter would tolerate the bugs in the garden. I wanted her to think they had a personality of their own, and that they were "ladies" just like us. So I chose images from our garden, plopped a ladybug and a bunny together with our roses, and wala! the makings of a book to make her laugh.

I bought a box of real lady bugs at the local nursery. We let the ladybugs out onto my sister Maria, who sat smiling at them. What a scene as a bunch of 2-year olds marveled!  Watch their eyes again as the Prize-Winning Ladybug Cake came out!

Once they all settled down, it was time for a book-reading, you guessed it, by none other than her mother. True story, and I hope your little ones will love lady bugs after getting to know them.

So do not be afraid to show a toddler that a lady bug in the back yard is a fun thing. Just remember that small objects are supposed to be kept away from little children, and enjoy!

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