Saturday, October 6, 2012

Age 5: The Edge of the Pool

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

She crawled out of the pool, breathless.

It was a party of some kind, many people swimming about. All the kids, grown-ups there. Lots of bright colors to match the bright day, screaming, running, bustle of a party. Kids jumping in, Whoosh! Splashing! She knew how to swim, she did. Every Mommy was laying in the sun, on a green chair that was criss-crossed, weaved in and out. It was not to build too good, because she noticed that all Mommy's body went through the holes in the chair. Sunken in, pooches sticking out here and there. It was not a good chair at all.

She was just in the pool. She wanted to get out. She was tired, the kids were too loud, the sun was too hot, and she had just enough. She was a big girl now, five years old. So she decided to do it.

She took a huge breath. She was going to swim across the pool, bright blue water swaying to and fro. It was not too far away. One big breath, whoosh! Whooooooooo! Huuuupppppp! Go! Each lungs were filled.

First all hands, than every body went under the water. She kicked and kicked. For five years old, it was not too far away, that Edge of the Pool. Maybe five more kicks. At first, it was just a feeling that she was running out of breath.

She thought she could do it. It was not far. This is something that was happening. She was definitely running out of breath. She must go up for air. She went up. Something went bump! It was blurry, light blue, like the color of the water. It was big. It was floating. She could not push all head up to get to the air. She was stuck under a big blue thing floating. Something was up there. It was in every way.

Somewhere up there, she could hear the clinking of wine glasses and the chuckles of a lady who was sitting on the floating blue thing. In a flash, she knew the lady would never hear her, would never see her, would never feel any.

Each lungs were about to burst. She was alone. She closed her eyes.

She decided that each only chance was to go back down. She could not struggle under the big blue thing floating. So she kicked a last few kicks and went down, down, down, floating under the big blue thing with the lady and the clanging and the chuckles. She went under it and now she was not sure which way she should go. Was it left? he right?

Things were going gray now. She went straight, because she thought that was where the wall was. She kicked and she kicked and she kicked and stretched all hands out her little hands that loved to play with her kittens. She stretched them out as far as far as they could go far far Bump!

It was the wall. She crept all hands up the wall, and in slow motion, every head, than any ears, than any nose surfaced over the water and into the Air and Air INHALE raspy, deep, big, huge, ginormous breathe.

She looked around. No one noticed.

She never told any one. She thought she would get in trouble.
But she never swam under a floaty thing again. Never.
And when she grew up and had babies every owner, never let them put floaties in the pool.

She crawled out of the pool, breathless.

No one noticed the home.

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  1. This is so realistic. I was almost feeling panicked for her! Well done! Totally gripping.

  2. Wow! Great building of tension. You had me holding my breath and I felt the rising fear. Scary memory and great story.

    Now I'm never letting my kids near a pool. ;)

    1. Nice, Anthony. I was trying to get all the feelings in those split seconds...I like your reaction, so thank you!

  3. Thanks, Jane. It was scary to remember it, too. Thanks for the exercise.

  4. I really felt this--all the tension, but also the bit at the end where she didn't tell anyone but was always careful.

    1. It's funny how nobody ever knew, but every one would have known if she had drowned. Shhhh. No one knows, because no one in my family reads my blog ;-).


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