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Age 26: Studying through My Tears

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by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Well, I was just in my second or third month of medical school, and my husband left me.  It was the first time that I was alone.  I didn't know how to act, who to be, or who I really was.

I came from a big family; there were 7 kids in the house.  Then I ran away when I was 16, and lived with my boyfriend until we got married on the day I turned 18.  We had been together now for 9 years, and now I was 25.  I don't think I had ever spent a day by myself in my whole entire life.  Honestly, I couldn't turn on the radio without wondering what kind of music "I" really liked.

Classical or Country?  70's or oldies?

I hated coming home to an empty apartment.  No people, no voices, no baby coo-coos.  My son was 6 and he was growing up without me.  There are things that I can never tell you, stories that are mine to keep in my soul.  All that I can tell you is that I wasn't going back to my husband.  I couldn't.

He took the money with him.  I was broke.  So I borrowed a car from the dorm manager, once a week to go get groceries.  I tagged along with my friends to church, and I walked to the swimming pool to do my 1500 meters.  I walked in the summer months of 1985, with the fireflies little butts' aglow in the track before me.  In the winter, the same road was aglow this time with ice and snow, and I walked the same walk.  I knew that the water would be waiting before me in the pool, and I could pull the water down and kick and flip at the end, and I could do it over and over again to burst my energy and soothe my being.

The lane stretched out before me, and the blueness matched my soul.

On the last day of school, I got my first "D" in my life.  Neuroanatomy.  All other medical students that failed Neuroanatomy during medical school got shipped to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska to repeat the class.  Not me.  

My medical school decided that I would repeat the entire year.


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