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Age 27: Repeating the First Year of Medical School

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by Dr. Margaret Aranda

If I had the right attitude, this could actually be a good year.  I would get the opportunity to repeat all the core medical school classes and retain lots of information.  Hey, it would be a lot easier for me than for all the other medical students, since I will have had all the course material before.  So I decided to go with the flow, so to speak, and await life without overly stressing out.

Anatomy was truly a pleasure this time, instead of being a panic.  
Physiology sunk in, instead of just being crammed in for a test.
Biochemistry went around in circles.
Histology was fun, like a puzzle.

The histology of the kidney.

Still in a panic about passing the Neuroanatomy class, I spent the entire Easter Break with my aunt and uncle in Corpus Christi, Texas.  I studied day and night.  In fact, I remember that when I left to get back on the plane, my uncle drove me through the 'scenic' route as the sun arose.  There were several boats docked at the marina, beautiful in their effervescence.  Above and below were yellow hues reflecting sunlight and hope for tomorrow.  

The effervescence of a marina.

I got an "A" in Neuroanatomy.  I got an "A" in Anatomy.  I knew much more than I thought I would know, and I retained it.

Next year, I would be a second-year medical student.  

I was happy.

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