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Age 12: Keeping the Best of the 70's

A Fiction Story by Dr. Margaret Aranda

This is Day 12 of the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge, which is something about a 12 year old.  To catch more on this, please visit  Jane Ann McLachlan.  To start reading Articles from Age 1, Please Click Here: Age 1: Sitting on the Edge

She would have been in 7th Grade, 1972.  This was the year that she was allowed to listen to the radio. It had been forbidden before this, and she wasn't certain why.

At first, she found a transistor radio.  Then she discovered a little tape recorder but now the memory of where it originated it just beyond grasp.  Nevertheless, she distinctly recalls night time.  Bedtime was quiet time, and her sisters were fast asleep.

She was in the bottom bunk bed, to the right as one walked in the room.  There were two bunk beds for four sisters, and although it sounds rather crowded now, it really wasn't like that then.  So, she listened. Making sure they were all asleep first, she slowly turned on the radio.

It was mesmerizing.  Songs would play, and after a few minutes, they were over.  She liked this song and that song, and she wanted to record them so she could play them back later.  But every time she realized that she liked a song, the first few bas were already sung, and it was useless to record it.  She would never be able to play it back again, and listen to it and use it.  So, she did the only thing that was left to do.

She waited until the next song ended.  At the end of the song, and before she knew what the next song would be, she hit the Record button.  Recording!  The tune would begin and the entire song would play, and then she could decide to either keep the song or delete it.  Oops.  Now and then a man's voice would come on then it would get in the way, so she had to wait and wait and anticipate when the next song would start.  Over and over again she did this, for days on end.  Eventually, she had a tape recording of her favorite songs.

They were all 70's songs, the first ones she knew of.  There was I Can't Live, A Horse with No Name, Carly Simon and how she Felt the Earth Shake, and so many others.  Even now, when she hears these songs, she remembers that little transistor radio and the tape player, and hiding them under the bed to listen to them at night after everyone was asleep.  It's almost like the story couldn't be real.


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  1. You were very persistent. A great trait.I can just picture this as you write it.

  2. Ha. :-). Right on Target with your comment, Jane.
    In 2011, I got the Perseverance Award from the Invisible Disabilities Association.
    I guess I've always been persistent, but I never realized it until now. Thanks for picking the right word; means a lot to me.


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