Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Patraeus Issue and Jill Kelley: Commentary

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

It seems that the newspapers and media are having a field day with Jill Kelley.  
It seems that she received threatening emails. 
And it seems that she confided it to a friend in the business of handling such matters.  
It seems that this person then sent her an unwanted image of himself, bare-chested. 
And then it seems that people have been adding in their two-cents worth on who said what and 
blah blah blah. 

Really, America?  
What would you say if I told you: She's not 'the other woman', and she's not 'the other other woman'. 
Just look at her.  
She has a beautiful smile, gorgeous hair, impeccable style, and she takes care of herself. 
She is married to Dr. Scott Kelley.  
Together they have a family and live in Tampa Bay, Florida where people in the military speckle the geographical area like stars speckle the nighttime sky.  
She is an American and she loves her country with gusto and fervor. 

Just look at her.  
She smiles. 
She remembers people's names.
She is smart.
 She remembers birthdays and Anniversaries.
She has common sense.
 She plans functions for officers and generals. 
She is smart. 
She loves to throw parties and is comfortable going to them.
She is poised. 
She is simply effervescent.
She is full of joy and radiating with love.
She is exuberant. 
She is the epitome of a wife and mother who makes this world go around with love.

I know this because I know Jill.  She is my friend.  
I would ask that you leave her alone and stay away from her yard 
so that her family is safe.
Isn't that what started it all? The need for safety?
The need to not feel threatened?

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