Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hoping for Mother's Day Release!

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

For my Caring Friends, here's a preview of my newest book, written before the doctor dropped me on the floor in March, 2013. I wrote this book (many of you will understand) because I'm not sure if I'll live long enough to see my daughter live through all the stages of womanhood: the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

                                   Book Cover Photo. Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time.

The book starts with my first period, and is very tongue-in-cheek humorous, because we all know where we were when we started our first period. Then I go through history, sociology, anatomy, and the endocrinology of the ovaries.

I discuss what Aristotle thought of menstruation and menopause, how William T. Stead is a hero we never hear about for rescuing children out of prostitution in London's brothels. This book is filled with the sociology of menstruation, including whether women on their periods can fly a plane, and whether women who are camping on their periods attract bear attacks that lead to death.

One of the most surprising statistics that I learned in my research and interviews of women is that in the USA, in women over 45 years old, 40% have had a hysterectomy. Of these, nearly 50% have had normal ovaries removed without proper Informed Consent. I dedicate an entire chapter to "Ovarian Conservation" (i.e., keeping your ovaries), and give you all the risk factors you need to know so you can put yourself on the Chart to see if you are at risk for ovarian cancer, and hence should get them removed. So my next book will be Hysterectomy can be Hell. I hope to get an Army behind me on this one, because it will take a Movement to change our culture. And changing a culture always means that people won't like you. Believe me. I've been there before.

I discuss the HPV vaccination for girls aged 11-12, starting your period, how to put in a tampon, and introduce what most women don't know: the menstrual cup, and the nondisposable pad. I promote a certain program that helps girls in Africa obtain menstrual pads so they don't have to miss school, be drop-outs, get pregnant, contract HIV, attain a lower socioeconomic status, and die earlier than the girls that are more educated. So expect a Movement there, too, ladies and girls.

I go through the Women's Health Initiative and basically tear it to shreds, because it had, in my opinion, no application to women in menopause suffering symptoms of vaginal dryness and hot flashes. I let you skip a very medical chapter if you would like, but I also put it in there for medical personnel to evaluate it for themselves. I dissect menopause and give the man's perspective, too, hopefully leading you to more self-discovery and compassionate understanding. Pretty funny stories there, too, my friend.

The last half of the book is dedicated to such things as Invisible Diseases, the Low Glycemic Diet, Immunonutrition and Fish Oil, Telemeres, Living for not only Health & Wellness but also for Quality of Life, Caregiving (and the effects on women, by ethnicity), Long-Term care, and death and dying. I empower you to ask questions, eat Spoon by Spoon, and Don't Fall when you are elderly. I tired of seeing women come into the Operating Room for hip fractures from a fall. You need to know your bone density, and take your Vitamin D or Calcium. The role of an Endocrinologist in your care can not be underestimated. I also believe that Cenegenics has an excellent program for Concierge Medicine, private pay by cash, that is mostly utilized by Presidents and CEOs of companies. They are mostly men. This needs to change, because there are plenty of millionaire women out there. And women need to stop spending all their time nurturing others, and start spending some time nurturing themselves. So I took all this knowledge in my head and told it to you before my traumatic brain injury and DI occurred; and I thank God that I did it.

There. I said it. My opinion rings throughout this book, and it is backed up by over 200 Stanford-quality references that are NIH-funded. I list them all for you, and many of them are dated in 2012 and 2013. Nothing but the best for you, my friends. Nothing but the best. Be prepared to learn, to grow, and to  ROCK your WORLD. You can PRE-ORDER the book (Mother's Day launch date) on Tate Publishing BookstoreMy official site is Open now, and you can Shop or Virtual Shop and well, I just....I hope you like it. 

God Bless You in all that you do.

I'm just learning that robotic laparoscopy for hysterectomy or myomectomy can cause death by spreading the cancer as the blade spins like a razor. There's no way to catch whether or not the patient has cancer preoperatively. Go to to appeal to our Congressmen/women to STOP this manner of spreading stage IV cancer to women, giving them a death sentence.

This is a LOADED issue, but it is a clear-cut one. There is no confusion. Changes have been instituted in other countries, but the place where this started, Harvard's Brigham and Young's Hospital refuses to take a stance against the obvious. Pass it on! Women, we need to stand by this female anesthesiologist Dr. Amy Reed, and help America get back on track FOR Women's Health. Her husband and CardioThoracic Surgeon Dr. Hooman Noorchashm is leading the cause, ladies. We can't leave him without support. He is endlessly fighting for us, and he's a surgeon1 A CardioThoracic surgeon! He does open heart surgery, heart transplantations, heart valve replacements, uses the Bypass machine, and probably does lung transplantations, lung tumor removals, and literally holds a heart in his hands several times a week. He shouldn't have the kind of time he has put into this effort on behalf of his wife. Together, they have 6 children. 

As if the rate of hysterectomies wasn't bad enough already, this is a completely new matter that leaves a woman devastated. 

*     After 5 years of morcellation of a leiomyosarcoma, only 15% of women will be alive. 
*     After "accidental morcellation", the average lifespan of the woman is only 24 - 36 months.
*     Some hospitals have actually taken the stance that if you give the woman Informed Consent that  they 'could' have spread of an existing but undiagnosed uterus cancer, then you can proceed with the surgery. Since when does Informed Consent allow a surgeon to knowingly kill a certain percentage of his/her patients? I am outraged at the unethical, immoral, and self-serving auspices of the American College of Ob/Gyn. I think all they care about is the money. 


6. Sarcoma Alliance for Letters to Your Senator ************* Letter to Your Senator*****
10. American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists ****Write a Note to Stop this Travesty**

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