Friday, July 4, 2014


by Dr. Margaret Aranda

In America, for the most part, we wake up in the morning to a lustful cup of coffee, a healthy and perhaps immunonutritive meal, then off to work we go. The stay at home mommies have perhaps the most royal job of all, yet the most difficult. They have no supervisor, no pay, no vacations, no sick time, no breaks, no "me" time....but they don't mind, because they love their children and there is no place on earth where they would rather be.

The 4th of July commemorates our Independence Day, after hundreds and thousands of men fought the Brits to gain our freedom today. They had no idea how far-reaching the consequences of their actions would be, nor the multitude of times the American Constitution would be challenged for same sex-marriage, for abortion, for child brides, for child abuse. for terrorism, nor for the myriad of issues that have come before it in Germany, France, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and beyond. But we, the Americans, have stood proud, knowing that we have done our best. We have always done our best. We have suffered, our Veterans have been maimed both physically and emotionally, yet we are still proud Americans.

And the flag still waves, and together this is one day where the gays and the geeks, the oppressors and the opposition are all reminded of one thing: whatever is cooking on the back burner, whatever is planned in secret, whatever is 'next' on their list, whatever harm they wish to inflict on Christians, little girls, or innocent boys, our Flag will continue to fly. It will wave in respect to that which it stands for: freedom from oppression, freedom of speech, freedom of your religion not encroaching on mine (and vice versa), and food stamps for the hungry. Our Flag sends free fighter jets to Iran, while they burn the same flag in their own streets. Our Flag waves honorably and without discrimination as our President ceases to send ammunition to our soldiers in Iran. There is something very sinister and wrong in our world today, yet you shop for your next pair of shoes, clueless and mindless, just the way the government wants you to be.  Is it innocence, like that of a child, or is it selfishness, with materialism running away with you?

Our American flag waves to the Native American Indians whose land we stole, and it waves to the babies born out of wedlock, to those out of control. Our flag waves happily, dancing in the wind, to signify that there are millions of Americans behind it who have pledged to defend. The evil ones never stop their infiltration; they are merciless and corrupt, consumed with making everyone be 'like them' or die. We will not ever give up on America and our Statue of Liberty, and our Flag, and our Liberty Bell, and the millions of soldiers, both enlisted and officers, who put their lives on the lines for us. We will not minimize or go shopping for another pair of shoes until we have given to an agency that is there to help. We can not, because we are only helping ourselves. We shall not, because it is wrong.

We fight. We stand strong. We are Americans. That, my friend, will never change.

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