Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trying to Get me Down

I know it's all trying to get me down: dehydration, imbalance, expressive aphasia, and now the fluids can correct it. But then I go into the outside world again and I drink and I drink and I can't drink enough to stop feeling parched. Parched as if I was in the middle of the desert with nothing to drink for days. I can't drink enough to keep up with life. This is new for a few weeks now, and it's not normal.

There are only two answers: (1) the pituitary gland or (2) the pituitary gland. I think that's where the problem lies. The pituitary gland can get damaged with a fall, or a traumatic brain injury. And my CT Scan shows a small pituitary gland for which I already take armor thyroid.

I see an Endocrinologist tomorrow and we'll see what she says. I hope to find some answers. It's just not normal to be so thirsty, to drink so much, and to end up dehydrated. It's just not normal.

You guessed it. I'm in the hospital again and on iv fluid. So far, they say I have a choice to go out on an iv or on a PICC line. Like so many other people in the world, that's my choice to stay alive. it's okay. It's trying to get me down, but I have things to do, people to see, and places to go.

They can try, but they won't get me down.

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