Thursday, February 13, 2014

New FB Page for Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

After much ado because FB would not let me entitle my page with the word 'vagina' in it anywhere (it said it was already taken), I selected the username 'itsnotavajaejae' and WaLa! We are Up and Running and the race is on!

What race? What exactly is the race? I'm so glad you asked, because there are a multitude of women's health issues having to do with wellness that most women are completely unaware of. And I am convinced that there is a great disparity between the average Caucasian male's level of health care, and the average level of health care for Women. Why do I know this?

Heart disease is the #1 killer for both men and women. But women are more likely to be sent away from an ER with TUMS and die of their heart attack. And over the past years, men have lived longer than previously. And women? We have lost years of life compared to previous years. For the first time, there is a disparity between longevity in men vs women, and pretty soon, if things continue the way they have been, you'll see plenty of elderly men mixed in with all those pretty old ladies playing shuffleboard on cruises. Who knows? You may even be asked to dance by a gentleman, instead of just dancing with your girlfriends (which is also quite fun indeed).

So I decided to do something about it. I wrote this book, Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time and it starts with a girl's first period. Most girls remember where they were (exactly) when they started their first period. For most, it was a little frightful, because most girls did not feel prepared, especially us Baby Boomers, who probably just got handed a Red Book and were told to read about it there.

So this book educates, enlightens, inspires, and encourages on many levels. From the HPV Vaccine in girls 8-11 years old, to stop cervical cancer (looks like a black cauliflower), to menstruation and the DivaCup to the LunaPads to Pads4Girls to keep a Third World Country girl in school during her period, to learning how to insert a tampon, it's all there.

When your daughter is old enough, you can just give her the rest of the book, and she can have a good read on How to Insert a Penis. And I make sure she knows that if she has rectal sex first, and then puts the penis in her mouth, she just ate stool. E. Coli. To be exact.

If you are a woman in the USA and over 45 years old, you have a 40% chance that you've already had a hysterectomy (uterus removal). Of these women, half have had normal ovaries removed. So maybe that's why women are dying of heart disease ~ because the ovaries are no longer producing estrogen that prevents fibrin from sticking to the walls of the arteries. And even if you leave the ovaries in, you have still changed the blood supply to them by removing the uterus, and now they can't 'talk' to one another any more. Are you going bald? Did anyone prepare you for this? Surgical menopause occurs overnight, when otherwise ovaries that are left alone can continue to secrete hormones for 10 years after menopause. Is taking out the ovaries castration of the female? Yes. Do you think we'd ever get to a place where 40% of American men over 45 years old were walking around with no testicles? I think there would be marches down New York City and Washington, DC for that mass of male castration. Studies done by both the American College of Ob/Gyn and American Medical Association have shown that a 2nd Opinion before a hysterectomy can show that 50% or 90% of hysterectomies were unnecessary, respectively. This information was the worst information that I learned by writing this book, and things have to change. Getting a hysterectomy is not a status symbol. It's nothing to be proud of. Women need to be aware of this procedure, get informed consent, and be prepared for life afterwards.

And if you are a man over 65  years old and you still don't know where the 3 holes in the female genitalia are, buy this book for yourself and save your partner from getting urinary tract infections. And you can recommend it to your friends, too, because they need to know how to live with their wives who are going through menopause. In fact, they themselves could be going through MANopause, or andropause, and I give you several male perspectives throughout.

492 pages of entertainment, story-telling, research data, research analysis, scientific data, National Institutes of Health references, the state of menstruation today, the mistakes made with hormone replacement therapy in the past, and several keys to long life: enter the low-glycemic diet, immunonutrition, and telomeres.

And who do I think I am, what are my credentials, and what makes me such an authority?
#1) I'm a female;
#2) I've had babies and delivered them;
#3) I'm a Stanford-trained anesthesiologist and intensivist;
#4) I'm also Board Certified in Forensic Medicine;
#5) I hold Certification in Age Management Medicine;
#6) I'm disabled, post-menopausal, hypothyroid, and status-post trauma.
#7) I've been in bed for 7 years researching the best of the best so you don't have to, and that's with a traumatic brain injury and DI (x2); a vertebral artery dissection and aneurysm; and dysautonomia.
#8) A family member died of Alzheimer's disease, so that makes me eligible to speak up on this;
#9) I'm a professional physician and patient, who lives in a body that knows when it is sick.
#10) I'm a giver. My joy is in giving, and I give you the most powerful and precise messages that I can, and I sprinkle heavy on the joy, inspiration, motivation, and the need for us to have togetherness.

Because I believe that together, we can change the world.
But we can't do it silently, and we can't do it alone.

So start a trend. Back me up. Back up other women with Invisible Illnesses who are writing books, inventing products, and creating the wave of the female's future.

In the end, we are one.
No one should be left behind.

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