Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WORLD NEWS: First Uterine Transplantation and in vitro Fertilization Make World's First Baby

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Now, you're going to have to read slowly here. And carefully, to 'get' the full depth of what has just happened in Sweden, actually on October 6, 2014. Just yesterday!

First of all, a lady was born without a uterus; this is a congenital defect, Rotikansky syndrome. The second lady was 61 years old, and she donated her uterus to the first lady. (That has been done before, and attempted in vitro fertilization in a transplanted uterus has failed 11 times prior).

After about a year, the lady had established her periods (they don't say if she was on hormone therapy or if she was born with her ovaries), and on the first attempt, was able to carry her pregnancy to full, live birth by C-section at 31 weeks and 5 days.

There were about three times that her body wanted to reject the uterus, so they gave her immunosuppressant drugs like steroids, and calmed her body's response down. She developed preeclampsia and the decision to deliver was made, as described.

                          Photo 1. World's First In-Vitro Baby born to
                          recipient of transplanted uterus. For full article,
                         see Lancet. Healthy boy born to parents yesterday,
                         in Sweden.                         

The medical world is excited that a post-menopausal donor could donate her uterus, and that it would 'take.' Perhaps this opens the door to women who just want a uterus back after a botched hysterectomy, so that they are not depressed and suicidal. Perhaps it opens a door that should not be opened. For now, and for today, it is cause for celebration as a medical miracle, one that gives hope for a post-menopausal uterus to be used as a donor transplantation. How or whether another childbirth can be repeated remains a mystery. But the rule in medicine is: If it happens once, it can happen twice.

                                        So, there is always cause for hope.

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