Thursday, November 6, 2014

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to go to School

by Margaret Aranda

Fall 2014 brings us to the bitterness of the morning, taking our stashed coats out of hiding, and looking for those versatile scarves to wear to the job or to school. Well.....Little Missy Two-Shoes is no different than any other child. She was settled in just fine with her toy box and two handfuls of her favorite toys, thank you very much!

Huh? Whaaa...? Rumbling, tossling this way and that...changing her clothes, eating early breakfast. It was a horrible morning. Then the cat climbed a tree and the dog ran away, and Little Missy Two-Shoes was left to eat her breakfast all by herself. Mommy was getting ready to go, too. Wah. She didn't like all this commotion. Somehow, it made her sad. She was going to "school."

But Mommy stopped and sat down with her for a while, explaining that the teacher was like a 'second Mommy' who would teach her things and make her smarter. Reluctantly, Missy went along with it. But only because she didn't want to displease her Mommy. 

     Illustration 1. 
Cover of book, 
Little Missy Two-Shoes
(Series, Book #2)
         by Dr. Margaret Aranda and Marguerite Ferrante. 
      Laugh and squeal the day away as Little Missy copes with
her first day of PreSchool! 

So that's how we have the makings of Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to go to School (See Illustration 1). Thank you, Nancy Miller, for selecting this book as Nancy Mills' Top 12 Book Pick List for  2014 Fall Large print and large characters, the day works out just fine as the cat comes off the tree and the dog gets back in the house. 

Now, Little Missy Two-Shoes can have a new day with new friends and the smell of crayons in a classroom! So she learns to actually like to go to school! With Mommy's effort and affection, she allows Missy to understand the world around her on her own, just the way she likes it!


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