Sunday, September 13, 2015




By Rev. Margaret Aranda, MD, Ph.D.

Administration by Randy Smitb
Closing Prayer & Song by Kirstie Aranda

WELCOME! I feel that the Holy Spirit is leading me to have people make up their minds NOW, about TRULY following Jesus Christ. I deleted over 300 FaceBook friends that I don’t remember. They don’t talk to me, and I don’t talk to them.

Many of them stated they were “Christian,” “Pastors,” “Evangelists,” or had “Love for Jesus.” They must be too busy to show their love for Christ on my Wall, so I made room for those who are truly committed to walk the walk. In obeying God on this, I know that it will work out for the best.

So if you are here to sit in the back of the classroom, you may as well leave. Turn off your laptop and go watch a movie. If you are here to look me in the eyes, and sit in the front row, then stay. I promise that you will have eternal salvation! I do not promise that it will be easy, nor do I promise that your load will be light.

But I DO promise you that you WILL be ready with your Sword of the Spirit!

As we sing the OPENING SONGS, please gather together your bread and wine for Holy Communion, to remember Christ’s death:

“Mary, Did You Know?”
By Kenny Rogers & Winona Rogers

“Soul on Fire”
By Third Day

Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
and uphold me with a willing spirit.
51:12 ESV)

“Use Me, Lord”
By Jotta A.       
“I Can Only Imagine”
By Winona Rider

“I Surrender”
By Hillsong Live


PRAYER REQUEST: For all missionaries and the poor that have come to us for donations: Steven Mwesigwa, Jahanzaiblove Jahanzaib, Aamir Aslam, R-Good Shepherd, and his orphans, Lord, please let them get help from Those that can help, help!

PRAYER REQUEST:  We ask for special blessings for those who are searching for a job, a raise, a better financial position, or a change in career. Please bless them profusely, and let them keep their feet on the ground. We praise YOU, God, Amen!

PRAYER REQUEST: That we continue to grow, Lead Others to Christ, multiply, love, spread the Word, clothe the poor, feed our orphans and widows, HEAL THE SICK, and serve you, Lord. We praise YOU, Amen!

PRAYER REQUESTS:  For all the sick and needy that already entered prayer requests, Lord, thank you for meeting all of our needs, in Your precious Name, Amen!

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Please enter here if you have any other prayer requests:

PRAISE REPORTS:  That we continue to draw new members who need healing, OR who can be WARRIORS and pray for healing!!! Thank you for the HEALING Miracles we have seen in two people so far! Amen!

PRAISE REPORT: (no one answers, and one day we shall have many PRAISE REPORTS).


Who here is truly a Christian? Who here is NOT afraid to speak UP and speak OUT that they are a Christian? Can I get an “AMEN?”

Who here is Christian enough to tolerate wicked sinners pointing and laughing at them for being a Christian? Who is willing to be bullied? Picked on? Persecuted? Spit on? Can I get an “AMEN?”

Who here would give up Jesus, DENY Jesus, to save their OWN lives?

Who here will DIE for Jesus, if it comes to that, and DIE with the faith of Jesus on their tongues?

Do you REALLY believe that you will EVER have to make that decision in front of a crowd that wants to execute you or behead you for Christ?

Or would you DENY your Christ and damn your soul for eternity? For there will be a time that is coming soon, where there will be NO turning back if you deny Christ.

The END TIMES are already here, my friends. We are getting close to a NEW WORLD ORDER, a NEW WORLD CURRENCY, and the Mark of the Beast. This will be a microchip inserted into your right hand, or an ISBN Code under the skin of your forehead.

The United States has already built over 30 FEMA CAMPS to round up all the Christians, and hundreds of thousands of BODY BOXES that each fit 3 corpses.

I am sorry to say that in my research, I have also found that the USA has already purchased a slew of guillotines, waiting to behead people. Who better to Order beheadings, than the Anti-Christ who forces people to adore HIM or be beheaded!? WARNING: If you wear the microchip, if you deny Christ in front of the Guillotine, you will NEVER have a “2nd chance.” You will go into the Lake of Fire and spend eternity in Hell.

I do not mean to scare anyone. We have all read about these things, written in the Book of Revelations. I believe that there is no more time to be a “lukewarm” Christian. You are either “in” all the way, or you are “out.” If you can’t say an “Amen” in Service today, how are you going to save your soul and stay with Christ?

Do NOT Take the Microchip or the forehead code! Refuse to do so, and if necessary, say The Lord’s Prayer as you are being beheaded, my brothers and sisters! Then, and only then, will you have passed THE TEST and will share in the eternal glory with Christ forever! Listen to what others are saying:

“WARNING! USA in Last Days, 2015!”
By FisherOfMen

“Sunday Law Coming Soon – The Mark of the Beast”
By Standard YouTube License

By Phil Driscoll


LET US PRAY: For Chris, Jenn Free, Deva Andrews’ granddaughter Grace who has a fever of 103F and is at Children’s Hospital with cancer, for Helen Waltz Whitman, Bob Long-Coleman and his friend who suffered trauma but shall arise from it, for Tracy Norton, Bob Coleman-Long, Amy Coleman, MaryAnn and Dennis Gray, Jenn Waters, Deb Townalini, and all others who suffer chronic pain or illness. Help us to know that our sufferings can be used to solidify and firmly stand our place in FAITH with you over time, Dear Lord. Let MIRACLES extend to them as we lay our hands upon them this way:

HEALING PRAYER: Lord, help us to take you at Your Word, even if we do not fully comprehend it. As Christ laid His hands on the people and healed them, He also said that we would do the same for us.

Let us do this, so that all things that you predicted shall come to pass. I am going to ask for EACH ONE of you to either put your hand on the screen or to lay hands upon yourself. Then, either to pray for someone else's healing, or for your own healing.

Use your faith as you lay hands on yourself or the screen, and receive or pray for HEALING:

LAY HANDS: “Father God, Your Word says, “By His stripes, we were healed.” Christ took on the severe, bloody scourging on his back, for our sins. He freed us from our sins and iniquities, OUR SICKNESSES, by taking on these lashings for us, forevermore. We ask that you heal me from _________.”

GIVE THANKS: “Thank you, Jesus, as we now proclaim ourselves as accepting what Christ did for us. We touch the screen and pray for healing in our bodies, healing that only you can provide.” (We pray and ask only one time. For those of you who speak in tongues, you may do so now.)

(From then on, we thank God and Glorify Him) We thank you, Lord! We Praise Your Holy Name! We Glorify Your Name above all Names! Thank you for “by Your stripes, we were healed!” Thank you for healing my disease!”

Say, “Thank you for my continued healing, day by day, perfection upon perfection! In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

“Holy, Holy, Holy”
By YouTube License

“All Hail King Jesus”
By Kent Henry

INVITATION AND RENEWAL PRAYER: If you have not yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Personal Savior, you can do so in faith, now:

“Lord, I have not accepted You fully into my heart, or I did once long ago, and have strayed. I ask that you forgive my sins, enter my heart, and stay with me forevermore as my Personal Lord and Savior. I thank you that by grace alone, and your death on the cross, I can enter Heaven to be together forever with you.”

If you have said this prayer in earnest, please let us know, so we get a Mentor for you, so that we can disciple you from a ‘baby’ Christian to a ‘fully-grown’ Christian who is then able to lead. We then go out to all ends of the earth, spreading the Gospel or supporting those that do so. Amen!

Jesus, Name Above All Names
By CRC Worship

PREPARATION FOR HOLY COMMUNION: Until I studied it myself, I did not realize how seriously God judges us for taking Holy Communion.  If you do not take it correctly, this may be why you are weak, sick, or sleeping (die).

It is Holy. We are not to take it if we are sinning, or it is blasphemy against yourself, and the Lord. Just sit it out instead.

I encourage you not to take Holy Communion until after watching my short version (31 min) of my Bible Study on it: and the Sermon version at:


Let us take Holy Communion together, after saying the Our Father, as Jesus told us to pray together:

Our Father, Who art in Heaven...
Hallowed be Thy Name....
Thy kingdom come...
Thy Will be done...
On earth as it is in Heaven...
Give us this day our daily bread...
And forgive us our trespasses...
As we forgive those who trespass against us...
And lead us not into temptation...
But deliver us from evil...
For thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory...
Forever and ever... Amen...

We proceed with Holy Communion, as Christ commanded, in Remembrance of His Death:

TAKING THE BODY: We break off the bread, eat it as His Body, and remember His Death for us. Amen. As we chew it and swallow it, it cleanses our bodies and renews our spirits.
(Hold it up in the air) Say aloud:

“This is the body of Christ, in remembrance of His death, as He was beaten and scourged, humiliated, and walked up the mountain to be nailed on the Cross with a crown of thorns.

It will course through all your veins, as all food does, to fill your inner body with energy and strength. “Let it be so.” (EAT THE BREAD).

TAKING THE BLOOD: We sip the wine, drinking it as His blood, remembering His Death for us. Amen. As we swallow, it cleanses our bodies and our renews our spirits.  (Hold it up in the air) Say aloud:

“This is the blood of Christ, in remembrance of His death, as it was shed for all men and women, so He stood in our place for forgiveness of all sins.”  (DRINK THE WINE.)

It will course through all your veins, as all food does, to fill your inner body with energy and strength. “Let it be so.”

Sit or kneel prayerfully after taking Holy Communion, remembering Christ’s death for us. Christ does not want us to forget it.

DONATIONS and NEEDS:  “Will YOU ROB GOD? You rob Him in your tithes and offerings.” Steven Mwesigwa needs $350/mo to feed the orphans. May people “adopt” a child for $30/mo. May our tithes and offerings cheerfully be given to meet their needs, Lord, as You love a “Cheerful Giver.”


“You are So Beautiful”
By Billy Preston; Sung by Phil Driscoll

CLOSING PRAYER BY KIRSTIE: Dear Lord we come to you today, to ask you to let your Holy Spirit rain down on all. Let your Comforter and friend touch our souls as we need your touch again. Let the Holy Spirit’s power fall and let the voices be heard by many around the world! Come and change our hearts as we stand on Your Word. Lord, we ask you to open up Heaven and open it wide, over your Church and over our lives. In Jesus’ Name, We Pray, Amen!

CLOSING SONG by Kirstie:

“Holy Spirit, Rain Down”
By Standard YouTube License

DISMISSAL: Lord, let us be FANS of you! We go FANatic at football games, basketball games, other competitions…but let us be FANatic for YOU, Lord, God! Let us not be ashamed to jump into Your WORLD! Help us to thrive in Your Presence! Give us strength and courage to meet all of our needs. We pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen!

“Holy Spirit, Rain Down”
By Standard YouTube License


You Raise Me Up”
By Phil Driscoll

To be “born again,” please note the PLAN OF SALVATION:

1.   All have sinned. (Romans 3:23; 1 John 1:8)

2.   There is a penalty for sin (Romans 6:23; John 3:18)

3.   You cannot save yourself (Titus 3:5; James 2:10)

4.   Salvation has been provided (Ephesians 2:8-9; John 3:16; John 14:6)

5.   The conditions are simple:    A. Repent (Luke 13:3); B Confess (1 John 1:9; Romans 10:9); C. Believe (Acts 16:31)

6.   Now is your time for a Decision (Joshua 24:15; 2 Corinth 6:2)

Do you repent for your sins?

Do you confess your sins to the Lord?

Do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, into your heart?

If you answer “yes” to all these questions, you are now a Born Again Christian! We love you! Welcome to the body of Christ! Confess it with your mouth, or write it here! You must say it out loud! Praise the Lord!

Go now, and Spread the Word of God to all the Ends of the Earth!


1.    What do you think was going through Christ’s mind as He suffered and died on the Cross?

“Isn’t She Beautiful?
By Chris Maples and Mike Smith

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