Saturday, September 19, 2015


by Margaret Aranda, MD, Ph.D.

Pass it On!  Pass it On!  Pass it On!  

Yesterday marked a huge day for and Invisible Illnesses. You see, I've had a few palpable setbacks, and I know that we all share the usual responses by doctors and nurses:

"" "I've never heard of it" (Eyes squinting)
"But you look just fine!" 
"I don't think there's anything wrong with you," or 
"Can I prescribe you some valium or some sleeping pills?" "Oh, (smiling) I don't think you need a Referral (For syncope. Really. You're kidding.??)." 

Tired of spending money going from doctor to the 20th doctor over the last three decades? You are searching for a diagnosis because you KNOW there's something wrong with you...and the doctors all say, "There's nothing wrong with you." Or these are the most devastating..... 

"You need a psychiatrist."
"It's all in your head."

PLOP. What a blow. I'm immobile, just thinking of how many times that has been said to me. It was said to my daughter just a few days ago and you know what? Nothing has changed. SO.....for those of you that know me.....

I did it! I wrote a Petition! For all of us! 

***Sign now at!*** 

If this story is all too familiar with you, go sign! And pass it on!

I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of you out there! This petitions the governing boards to add a medical school class on Invisible Illnesses, and to have all doctors go back to get Continuing Medical Education on Invisible Illnesses before their licenses expire. They did it for Pain Medicine, setting a precedent, and they'll do it for us. You sign, and it automatically sends out a few emails to VIPs in different departments in National Health Care. 

Taking it to the TOP.

YOU deserve it NOW. 
We don't need our CHILDREN to go through this, too. Enough is enough. 
And you know what else?   


   Pass it On!  Pass it On!  

To Help You through the Journey, Read my Memoir:

 No More Tears: A Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery;  by Dr. Margaret Aranda

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