Friday, September 4, 2015

Words for Wednesday

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

This is a piece I wrote on the spur-of-the moment, in response to a "Flash-Fiction" call for writings using the following 6 words, as seen on Susan's Words for Wednesdays Word Prompt: 
Reason    Fringed    Diary    Love    Picture    Assimilate


A picture flashed back into her head, fringed with echoes  and confusion. She remembered the car accident, but could not assimilate the flashes of a fringed picture, seagulls soaring high in the wind. Blank faces with no reason, just driving past her car, her baby love, yet a diary of scattered events to come. So far, it was nine years. Nine years spent in bed. "At least I'm still alive," she said to no one. In her rage, she was no longer the victim, but the warrior.

Dr Aranda's Short Stories

Age 31: The Color Blue

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