Monday, November 16, 2015

When Husbands Should Validate Disabilities (Always)

Here is a 2009 You Tube video of my husband doing a "surprise" for me in 2009, after I had suffered a setback. He seemed to validate "DYSAUTONOMIA," and yes!.. even "CHRONIC PAIN."

Back in 2009, one thing was for certain: he knew that I was sick, and that I had an Invisible Disability. My YouTube Channel was/is "," and I was named, "DysautonomiaMD".  I made over 200 educational videos on dysautonomia, also starting the First Virtual Medical School that was/is online:, as well as one of the first blogs on dysautonomia.

For that, I won the 2011 Perseverance Award from the Invisible Disabilities Association at: !   A HUGE Thank You to Wayne and Sherri Connell!

And in 2013, a doctor seemed to just... DROP me on the floor!... and there I was again, with Brain Injury #2 AND DI #2.....back in the saddle and ready to FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT.

Even if I had to do it alone, I would FIGHT. 

All my You Tube friends with Dysautonomia helped me to look FORWARD,
to be POSITIVE. Thank you.

Husbanda, Help your Wives. 
Don't tell her that she is lazy.
Don't tell her to go out and find a job.
Don't tell her that she's a slob.
Don't tell her to take a shower.
Don't ask her where your hot dinner is.
Don't cheat on her. If you do, go ahead and start sleeping in separate bedrooms.
Don't get her to sign deeds in the middle of the night.
Don't poison her food.
Don't try to kill her.
Don't wish she was dead. You want a new life? Leave.
Don't put her away in a mental institution. It only shows that you need it more than she does.

Dr Aranda's Short Stories

Age 31: The Color Blue

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