Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Group Talk with Dr Aranda": Featuring "Angry, Disabled Women"

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Hundreds and thousands of you know who I am, and the Patient Advocacy that I relentlessly have served, especially in the areas of Invisible Illnesses, Essure(R) Fallopian Tube contraceptive coils, morcellation of the uterus during hysterectomy, and my more recent promotion of two possible Solutions: Immunonutrition metabolite supplementation, and growing your own salad vertical Tower Garden on your patio. I even talk about starting your own children on this scientific blend via gummies, in the hopes of boosting their own body defenses. They get into the program free, if you fill out a questionnaire and enlist them in their study. And studies show that if you let them participate in the garden and the kitchen, they are more likely to actually eat their vegetables.

Image 1. Immunonutrition. Dr Aranda's new acquisition of a JuicePlus+ franchise. She is merging her nutrition, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, and clinical/bench research backgrounds to further serve the patient population she has literally become: that of chronic, Invisible Illnesses. Also appropriate for growing children; 1 million children already enrolled in studies. Children that qualify (i.e., health-wise) for this program are charged a minimal annual enrollment fee, and then get gummies FREE,  and are tracked in a database of questionnaire questions, to determine if they get if they get as sick of their cohort age-matched control group... 

Image 2. Tower Garden.  Expensive, but if you can afford it, grow your own fruits, vegetables, kale, lettuces and tomatoes from your own patio. Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and grow 30% faster than veges in planted soil. Think about it. How many trips to the grocery store does this save you? Hmmmm.

I devote an entire Chapter to the topic of Immunonutrition in my Women's Health book, Archives of the Vagina. Have you ever even heard of Immunutrition? If you have read any of my books, you have. Otherwise, if you are into Health & Fitness, Nutrition, working out, or taking care of your physical body, this may be a new term to you. Since I have been chronically ill for 10 years now, I'm starting from the inside out to optimize my immune system for better health and Age Management Medicine. I admit that I do know a thing or two about several subjects, and am an Expert in several fields.

One of them is Chronic Illnesses. So, here the story goes. Someone read my article on Endometriosis and then, being unaware that I would see her Comment, belittled the article, misquoted me with single quotation 'marks' (instead of "double" ones) and began on an unpleasant upheavel amongst the group. I believe that most of  the outspoken girls in the group were in their young 20's and although experienced in women's health, still had not the experience of an elder physician who has spent much blood, sweat, and tears on the front lines of LACounty-USC Medical Center, when it was there. It's front entrance is featured on the Soap Opera, Days of our Lives. Rather ironic, actually.

We engaged in a conversation that was not a logical conversation. It got out of hand, in my opinion, and was reduced to street talk when I ended it. I invited everyone to go online LIVE at that moment, and have a discussion, where they could actively participate by asking questions, making comments, or even YELLING in CAPS at me. One person went. Here it is:

Video. Dr Aranda's "Group Talk" with Invisible Illnesses. Her way of allowing young women 
to vent their anger about the horrid medical system 
available to us, in particular. And the response from the audience? Similar to the response to the Invisible Illness Petition: underwhelming. 

(Thank you to the 5 people who signed the Petition today.) 
I am posting this as an educational tool to show everyone how I ended this argument that in my opinion, slandered my words, libeled my thoughts, and led to defamation of my character. One person actually ridiculed me for referencing my own book regarding one subject. Names were flung around as if I was the "enemy" doctor that they always wanted to lash out on, for years. Unvented anger exploded.

No one in the conversation had ever heard of me before.  No one mentioned a word on the Event's Comment Stream. No one wrote another word on the FB Page. No one gave me any feedback. In fact, the entire conversation was deleted from the Group Page. 

I asked them to 'take the baton' and really put effort into finishing off the signatures on this Petition. I told them I'm tired of doing it by myself. I asked them to help me, to HELP ME obtain some sign of a SOLUTION. 

And the main word that I could use when talking about my experience in advocacy for Women's Health issues? Exactly what is the one word that I would use to summarize the response that I get from women whom I seek to help? 


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