Friday, December 13, 2013

Spirited Women Bring their Spirits to You

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Have you ever felt so alone in the world, so alone that you just wanted to shrivel up and die? Your eyes cry tears that fall to the side, drip by drip, and no one is there to hear their silent wales.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a change. Because we all have been there. We all have had 10,000 reasons to want to shrivel up and die. But we didn't. We persisted. We persevered. We took it one more minute at a time, and we chose to hope. To have faith in the future, to believe that tomorrow wasn't going to be like today, and that bit by bit, we were going to be our own change.

I chose God to help me. After all, I went to the door of Heaven and he promised me that if I came back to earth, I would live to see my daughter grow up. Others choose meditation, yoga, or walks in the woods.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, you have your own story. And so do I. And so do 75 other Spirited Women that Nancy Mills picked for her 2014 Spirited Women Directory, completely FREE for you. To inspire, to re-create, to motivate, to re-shape, and to remold yourself. Most of all, to give you hope. Here it is. Enjoy. Savor. Become one. You are one. Reach your fullest potential. You can do it. I know you can. Because if I can do it, you can do it. So go. Start your new life.
Today is a good day.
P.S. Yes, that's me on the bottom right; check out The Spirited Woman Directory 2014
You can see me as Cover Girl, pg 23, 24, 35, and 123 also!

No More Tears: A Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery
by Dr. Margaret Aranda
ISBN: 978-1-62205-838-2


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