Friday, December 18, 2015

Hysterectomy in America

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

So your mother and all our aunts have had a hysterectomy, and they're all "FINE." And every girl at the office has had a hysterectomy (except YOU). Do you HAVE TO KEEP UP with the Jones' on this one? Or should you stop and think, "I have my own brain, and this is my only body. I'm going to educate myself on this, ask a lot of questions, SPEAK UP, and THEN decide if I WANT or DO NOT WANT to have this procedure done."

After all, it has many similarities as if you are showing up to a car dealership, asking the car salesman if you should buy a car. I believe that I see many parallelisms here, and I don't want YOU to just "go along with the flow." I want YOU to THINK FOR YOURSELF! SPEAK UP! Ask questions! Seek a 2nd or a 3rd Opinion! Could you live with any of the complications?

Do you really think this will make your life BETTER? There's an old saying in surgical language: "The enemy of 'better' is "WORSE." So how do you KNOW if you won't be WORSE OFF? Talk to women's groups. Talk to women that already had it done. Be FULLY informed. You Owe it to Yourself.

Dr. Margaret Aranda
Book: Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time

Hysterectomy in America

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