Friday, December 18, 2015

It Wasn’t by Choice: Dysautonomia

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Wow. So many of us walk around with dysautonomia before it even gets an accurate "diagnosis." WHY is this so? Is it because it is a RARE disease? No. The incidence probably has not changed. It is the detection that has increased. Even so, many are "left behind" for weeks, months, or even years while the doctors (2-30 of them) scratch their heads in equal frustration, NOT KNOWING what the patient has. That's why we have the Invisible Illness Petition​ on FB, to get the ER docs to diagnose it. To get the med students to learn it. Not just dysautonomia, but ALL The INVISIBLE ILLNESSES. But here's a real, live, clinical story of my dysautonomia and how the doctors even told me, a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist with Subspecialty Critical Care Certification, Forensic Medicine Certification, and eventually, Certification in Age Management Medicine and my Ph.D. in Forensic Medicine.

One of the key things to learn? SPEAK UP! Don't let anyone talk down to you! Fight back!
Our WARRIOR MOTTO for 2016:  We are TIgers and we are going to RROOAAARRRR! Let's get back our lives!

For more on how doctors think, how they write their notes, and how you can be a "Professional Patient," get 1 of my books:
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Dr. Margaret Aranda

It Wasn’t by Choice: Dysautonomia

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