Sunday, March 6, 2016

IS MY "Invisible Illness" GENETIC?

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Times are changing, and with the New Year 2016 still remaining as a real wisp of fresh outdoor air, one of my self-made challenges is to update you on "The Latest and The Greatest" for Invisible Illnesses. By no means is this meant to be an all-inclusive list, you know? It could go on forever and I'd never get a chance to eat. Or drink. Or sleep. 

But this is one company that exists for ALL Invisible Illnesses, AND right now they are at basically an "All-Takers!" sign-up ~ ~ ! And "Why?" you may ask? Well, that's easy.

As a scientist, I know that it is best to start off any Pilot Study with all the people you can get. All Invisible Illnesses, in this case, for example. Come over here in droves, please. This is a professional company, and they mean BUSINESS. So we have to respect them back, and at least fill their databases with patient information. So let's give them patient info! Just go here ~ click on !

You may be surprised at the number of illnesses that already qualify as genetic disorders (See Image 1). 

Image 1. GeneFo Website Facepage. Note that the list of genetic diseases is longer than what one would think. So let's all head on over there and give them tons of patient information, so they can sort through it and see if another disease(s) are genetic also! That would be amazing! 

So what are you waiting for? 
This IS your PERSONAL INVITATION! The site is secure, they don't give away lists of their patients, and doctors can access the site, too! Can we get organized enough to make a significant impact, so that we have a chance of discovering new scientific data that can change future lives? I remain hopeful. 

My cup is always half-full.

Don't make me beg. 
DO something. Click NOW.

Stop whining on Facebook Pages. DO SOMETHING to help yourself and the next generation! It's time to "Put up!" 

OK. My face is turning blue. 
The ball is in your court. 
Surprise me.

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