Sunday, November 4, 2012

Songs for Dr. Margaret A. Ferrante

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

I know many people from when I was well.  Many of you didn't know me from when I was sick after the car accident, laying in bed for almost 7 years ~ you just met me since I've been able to be out of bed, walking with the rest of the world.  It may be hard to comprehend just how disabled and ill and well...awful I was.  When I was sick and bedridden and most especially, after the cervical spinal fusion and dysphagia as a complication, well...those were hard times.  Best yet forgotten times, yet never forgotten nonetheless.  Impossible to forget, and....

I'll Never Forget You.

But for those of you who knew me when these songs were written for me, dysautonomia, and invisible illnesses, well... it may be quite painful to listen to these songs.  I know it's painful for me.

Nidge Tucker wrote It Wasn't By Choice after the spinal fusion.  It is an original song that is available on iTunes, with all proceeds going to the Invisible Disabilities Association.  
Thank you, Nidge.  You simply ROCK!

Tim Shepperd sang this song, Inside My Room for me and dysautonomia.  
Much appreciated, Tim.  We'll never forget.

Valerio Schiavone sang If I Can Dream for me and dysautonomia, too.
Sweet emotion.  Very grateful, Valerio.

As I enter my book launch, my very first Interview as an Author, and a new life that I am forging ahead, I thought it would be important to think back and to remember the pain.  

I want to remember it all.  I want to remember it because it made me who I am today.  

Al Cursi and Al's Wacky Shout-Out refers to me as"Dr. M".
 Just cracks me up.  Al, thank you for the smiles.

And with that, I want to embark on this new Book journey with one thing in mind: Persevering. Overcoming.  Pushing through the mire.  

Because on the other side of today, there is always tomorrow.  
And you just never know what tomorrow will bring.

So press on.  You. Go.  Press on.

No More Tears: A Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery
by Dr. Margaret Aranda
ISBN: 978-1-62205-838-2


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