Sunday, November 4, 2012

Author Interview with Mark Tierno

This is my Correspondence from Mr. Mark Tierno!  Please tune in next Sunday for this:

"Just a reminder of our interview coming up next week on my Author Talk program, at
Sunday Nov 11, at 10 AM PST.  Your info is below...

Phone:  (712) 432-3066  (supports VOIP, Skype)

If you have any followers interested in signing up to listen
in live then send them  Once
they sign up they will be given the info they'll need.

Remember to send the word out to everyone in your website's database.  If you have a wordpress blog, for instance, then you can notify everyone in your blog, "Hey, I'm being interviewed over here!"  Or you can post to your Facebook, put up something on your regular website, whatever works. Then we get some listeners and both of us benefit.

So start spreading the word far and wide

Also, if you have any specific questions you want to be asked other than the basic 15 I sent you then please send them now..."

-Mark Tierno


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